Alien Existance in Space

The search for Truth has come to your doorstep. The infinite mysteries of our Universe and existence may be much less mysterious then we’d like to believe. Having conducted in depth studies on Extra Terrestrial life and Technology since the 1940’s, the governments of the world know more then they care to share with we the people. The power of these secrets is literally strong enough to shake the foundations of our societies on earth.

With technologies that eliminate any need for oil, nuclear power, and gas just to name a few, introducing such knowledge would require our entire structure to be rebuilt from the ground up. With the documentation of at least 57 alien species, our very understanding of the Universe and the Divine must inevitably be reshaped. How could we as a Race continue in the direction we have been led if we were told it was all a lie? How would the people react? In a world that has been spoon fed its reality by a small group of individuals, we as a whole lack the ability to make massive adjustments such as the one we are now soon to face. In the scope of things it actually becomes difficult to blame our Governments for the veil of secrecy.

On one had, being lied to for over 50 years about the existence of other life is pretty hard to forgive. Yet on the other hand, how would the people have adjusted to such knowledge? Without knowing these beings origins or intent, it’s safe to say our governments were originally protecting us. The lies we have been told however have led us into an unstable time of chaos and distrust, and the one thing meant to protect us seems to be out to keep us silent. We as a species have a right to know what exists amongst us and just who they are. Daily we destroy our planet with overpriced ancient fuels, when in actuality we could be using technology that is perfectly safe for us and our environment. These technologies can and will reshape the face of Human Society, if only they were released to the people.

When we stop to think that at least 57 other species exist, we wonder just how many of them are intelligent. Assuming they are indeed intelligent beings, then what about their Societies? What do they have to offer us as a race and as individuals? Could this mean that not only is colonizing space possible, but it’s already being done by our governments across the globe? Do these beings possess a deeper connection to and knowledge of our origins in this Existence? These questions and so many more remain, and it’s precisely this reason why the Governments can’t let themselves release this information. Their lies have forced them into a position where they cannot adequately explain themselves.

Assuming that all this is true, just how many laws to do you think have been broken to keep these secrets? How many lives were destroyed, and continue to be destroyed with each passing day? Putting all that aside, this knowledge reverberates with our very essence and purpose in this life. It is the key to an existence beyond anything we have ever imagined and anything we could have hoped to experience. It’s obvious that our governments aren’t interested in exposing themselves, so it’s up to us to expose the Truth ourselves. For the sake of our Future as a Race and our Purpose in this Life, we are obligated to get to the bottom of this mystery. Whether or not any of this is True, we deserve to know exactly what’s been going on for the better part of 60 years.

The Future has been Here for longer then we can ever know, so it’s about time we grasp it and Never let go.