A look at the US military cover up of UFOs

The Robertson Panel, a secret study group of scientists and military personnel, were convened in the 1950’s by the CIA as a result of an incredible UFO flap that was besieging the USA at the time. The panel’s goal was to negate public interest in UFOs by setting up various means of debunking the phenomena by coming up with or totally fabricating prosaic explanations, and to monitor civillian groups investigating UFOs.

These recommendations especially applied to the military, as the military and later NASA started encountering UFO phenomena on a massive scale scale through fighter intercepts, Radar trackings, astronaut encounters, UFO crash retrievals and other events. The panel set the stage for years of denials and prosaic explanations with the military, as it meant one thing and one thing only: Denials of UFOs and whitewashing the evidence.

The US military became part of the coverup. But they already were part of its sinister machinations, starting with the events at Roswell. There is enough evidence to firmly suggest that a significant, non-terrestrial crash or crashes happened at Roswell. There are declassified accounts suggesting the movement of a disc to Wright-Patterson AFB for further evaluation-as well as plenty of other evidence of crashes and recovered bodies.

A pathetic attempt in the 1990’s to debunk the phenomena (reverberations of the Robertson Panel) through the release of a USAF compendium explaining the Roswell UFO crash away as mundane and prosaic was greeted with guffaws and deep skepticism. The military report suggested ‘test dummies’ being used in a very mundane crash of a US military experimental balloon of flimsy aluminum foil and Balsa wood.

The US military recovered something that was not of this earth: Metals, alloys and technology that could be exploited for technological and military purposes. The Roswell crash happened in the early beginnings of the Cold War, right after the greatest conflict in human history: World War II. It would be in the government’s interest to keep the crash secret for ‘national security’ reasons, to be able to exploit the technology, so the the US government would order the US military to cover up the crash and be part of the debunking (through the Robertson Panel recommendations, et al.) The military effectively becomes part of the cover up, starting with the Cold War machinations, and all of those panels and committees that have influenced it through the decades.

The cover-up feeds on itself and becomes more and more deeper, as the complete truth is only known by an elite circle, including high-ranking military officers. The military is part of a much larger and sinister machination that has maintained the UFO cover-up for decades. The military started the cover-up on the best of the constitutional US government. However, it went far beyond the military and the constitutional US government, and became ‘managed’ by extra-constitutional elements-a secret government-run by elements of the military, government and other elements that were all totally out of the scrutiny of the elected and constitutional US government.

The Robertson Panel reflected that in the beginning. But it became far more.  Another intriguing element: is it possible that the secret government ALWAYS existed in some form or another, and were being manipulated by extraterrestrial/interdimensional powers and principalities. Perhaps the Roswell UFO crash and the subsequent military involvement/cover-up  was just ‘insight’ into something that always existed since the beginning of human history.