57 Alien Species are we alone in the Universe

No, we are not alone in the universe. The question remains, however, is anyone on the other planets within galactic space hominid? Or is it possible that a recent documentary was correct when it described species which would be unpleasant to the touch, such as large, slimy, three-legged pod walkers?

Nevertheless, merely because we are not alone within galactic space does not mean that any people of distant places are so sophisticated as to have overcome the extreme odds of long-distance space travel, to date. We are a smart people. In fact, all people of every form are inherently intelligent and, as such, sentient. This includes horses, puppies, ants, bacteria, trees, elephants, and jelly fish. Be mindful that brain does not equal (=) mind, mind does not equal brain, and only that which equates (=) is true.

Do people exist on other planets? Upon all planets which were, for a long time, habitable, yes; they are your brothers and sisters. Close enough to make it all of the way to the planet Earth while they still have sufficient fuel and oxygen? That would be a miracle! The closest habitable (warm with fresh water and oxygen) planet to Earth is within the galaxy Sirius, which we cannot reach, at this point…and we are technically sophisticated!

Although they were, once, all stars, no two planets are alike, today, mainly because of the pummeling of meteors. Earth was, once, a burning sun which shot through our sun during a massive meteor storm in the early days of galactic space, in the aftermath of the lightning bolt which shot through GOD’s infinite body. Most of Earth’s mass was left behind in our sun. As such, by the time Earth settled into it’s orbit, it was smaller, albeit greater than four times it’s current size, and beginning to burn out. Through the course of millions of years, the Earth evenutally cooled to the point that it’s entire surface was warm [80 degrees Fahrenheit, day and night] and soft, for a very long time. The molten rock, so close to the surface, kept the surface of the Earth so warm and soft for longer than 500 million years. Eighty degrees Fahrenheit is the only perfect temperature for nurturing life, itself. As such, during these peaceful, glorious, summer days, life slowly evolved on Earth, eventually to consciousness. Thus, our most ancient ancestors were born.

Then, giant meteor storms began pummeling the Earth. The first and largest massive burning meteor to charge through the soft, molten Earth was the Moon. At least four times it’s current size, the moon settled into it’s orbit and eventually burned out, leaving the Pacific Ocean Basin, the Himalayas, and the continental land mass in it’s wake. The inner softness of the Earth caused some of the Earth’s scars to heal, as Earth shifted to it’s greatest possible balance. Following meteor storms created shifts, craters, mountains, volcanoes, islands, et caetera, slammed Venus and Mercury through the Earth, and spun the Earth into an ice age. Later generations evolved within the warm nooks and crannies left by the meteors; thus, odd forms, such as lobsters, coral, elephants, Homo sapiens, snakes, et caetera, were born of life, which existed long before the Earth. Even today, there is a large worm which, “recently”, evolved in the Pacific depths near a heated, oxygenated crevice.

I, now, KNOW that we are not alone in the universe and, because I live in prayer, I KNOW that GOD, a conscious, logical, infinitely large human being who is as subject to the inviolable Law of Cause and Effect as we (or He would not be able to see), is alive in Heaven, which is everywhere outside of galactic space(created by The Big Bang),a relatively small wound in His enormous body, and the nederlands beyond, from which His life flowed to heal the wound…a wound which WILL eventually heal.

Life began flowing into the wound in GOD’s body, immediately, and is flowing in even today, just as the life in your body flows in to heal your wounds…and life is somewhat fluid. Wherever this life was touched by the excessive heat of a star or the excessive cold of space or ice, the life was separated into it’s components, id est: oxygen, hydrogen, et caetera. Yet, wherever life landed upon warmth, the life evolved, eventually to consciousness IF the location remained 80 degrees Fahrenheit constantly for longer than 30,000 years. Thus, we were born, as were the Gods, Angels, and giants mentioned within Genesis within The Holy Bible many generations prior to anyone in the flesh. Those in the flesh were not born until after the great rains, which had been a mere building mist in the air, finally fell to the ground, filling basins such as the Pacific.

Whether or not there are 57 “varieties”, there are a number of generations of people in the spirit on Earth who have been living within so-called “parallel universes”; and you are hearing this from someone who used to SCOFF at the notion of parallel universes, yet, believed that their might be space travelers on Earth! These people are actually living among us, even though they are not visible to us solely because they are not in the flesh, and their lifestyles have been somewhat different, of necessity. Do they know of GOD? Some do. Some taught US. All of us are learning.