57 Alien Species are we alone in the Universe

The 57 Alien Species of Sergeant Stone

The concept of Earth as the only source of intelligent life boggles the mind of anyone who contemplates millions of stars and imagines planets revolving around them teeming with life. This realization comes as the human mind evolves enough to embrace truths that were previously untenable. It also comes with the observations of thousands of people who have seen something strange in the sky. Personal experience tells me there is something out there and we are not alone.

The Disclosure Project is a non-profit research project that works disclose facts about extraterrestrial biological entities, and spacecraft propulsion systems retrieved from alien crash sites. Four hundred witnesses testified about personal UFO experiences, and encounters with extraterrestrials. In 2001, 20 of these people repeated their stories at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

In his part of the hearings, Sergeant Clifford Stone claims that he classified 57 species of aliens that live on, or under the earth, hover over it, or visit it periodically. Sergeant Stone obtained this knowledge in his work on top-secret government projects he worked on as part of the US military.

The 57 species include reptilians, amphibians, grays, and Nordic giants standing between 9 and 12 feet tall and scary amoebas that periodically hover over the poles dispensing strange new diseases to unsuspecting earthlings.

Sergeant Stone maintained that some of these inhabited the earth since before recorded history and played a part in it. One species discovered a system of underground caves and tunnels and took up residence there. Many are subspecies of a race such as the 22 species of grays. Others are artificially created cyber Borgs controlled by alien visitors.

Most people know about the grays that beam up people from their beds and perform painful medical experiments on their unwilling bodies. Some grays look like insects with their huge eyes, long narrow faces, slits suggestive of mouths, and some with grasping mantis-like arms. Other grays appear orange, which makes a lot of sense.

Some of these species are benevolent, wanting to help the earth while others are malevolent, hoping to conquer or destroy life on earth, the stuff that filled early sci-fi movies.

I believe that we are not alone and aliens have visited earth frequently. I have never seen the proverbial “little green men from Mars” but have seen unidentified flying objects. As a child in New Mexico, I saw mysterious lights that traveled in groups, changed directions sharply, and disappeared instantly.

Several years ago, as we drove near Honeoye, New York at night, we saw headlights zooming toward us from the sky and pulled the car over to the side of the road, where the motor quickly conked out

Some sort of craft, which resembled an elongated saucer, hovered near our car for a lifetime, about 20 minutes. We could not restart the car until the object suddenly veered upward and vanished.

People made funny oooing sounds when I told the story, so I stopped and almost wrote it off as a dream or imagination. Two of my sons kept diaries in school and brought them home on the last day. As I read them, I discovered that both boys wrote about this incident on the same day in the diaries proving that it was more than a fantasy. I know that aliens from other worlds visit ours.

If the US and other world governments are capable of sending space vehicles to other planets, why is it so hard to imagine that alien planets can do the same?

However, I think that Sergeant Stone let his overactive imagination rule over his better judgment. We don’t see an alien behind every tree. There is substance to his theories but his stories run akin to conspiracy theories and urban legends.

If all those species visited earth, people would have noticed by now, although it could explain that weird uncle or demented neighbor. According to Stone’s theory, some species stand out because of small anomalies of the anatomy such as ears or other features that do not look quite right. So take a careful look at your family, friends, and the people next door. You may find that we are not alone!