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Title: BAEconstant//Planck-Einstein Constant Revised

*Respectfully submitted to Dean L. Sinclair & Oscillator-Substance Theory Group*

* Planck’s Constant Revised *

* * * Postulated necessary Planck revisions per extending fixed-definition-status to the value of ‘E’-energy relative to Planck’s-Constant’s values for all subsequent international quantum-mechanics calculations hense forth* * *

Purpose of Paper: Introduction of a Seminal-alternate-Concept of defining newly a ‘Fixed Universal Quantum for all quantum-mechanics calculations for ‘E’ as for ‘energy’ as a fixed-universal-constant and newly minting this concept as the ‘BAE-Constant’ while specifically ‘not’ altering the contextual basis of Max Planck’s constant; re: The Planck-Einstein-Dirac constant.

Rather; this paper is in extended support of the Planck’s-Constant and ‘not’ in refutation of ‘Planck-Einstein-Dirac’ in any regard. In light of the purposed fixed-universal-value new definition of ‘E’ I will posit an alternative formula-revision of Einstein’s classic E=MC^2quared to solve for ‘M’ass @ M=EC2quared. And this is also ‘not’ intended to alter Einstein but rather restate Einstein’s formula(Einstein’s-Constant) only in terms of the newly proposed assignment of said “universal fixed-quantum-formula-value for ‘E.’ ” And further: I propose that the fixed-value of posited AExo-DarkSpace-ergo-DarkEnergy as AE=EC^3ubed in light of the proposed fixed-quantum designation for the value expressed as the BAE-Constant of ‘E,’ aka the Base-Ambient-Constant of Energy.

This proposed conversion renders the classic Planck’s-Constant E=hv to EC=hv as changed by the fixed definition of ‘E’nergy to be here-forward expressed as the ‘BAE-Constant’ fixed-base-energy-value of Interstellar Space. Specifically the posit here is that there is a ‘lowest-base-ambient-energy-density-level’ to Interstellar Space; and below which that energy level cannot fall. The theory for this is that the quasi-static-energy-tension of our Universe mandates & sustains that BAE-Constant. And this is because our Universe is a relatively-low-energy-density bubble within a larger/virtually infinite DarkEnergy Aexo-space. And this AExo-DarkSpace exists at it’s own Base-Ambient-Energy-Density-Level again of AE=EC^3ubed and maintains the gravitational tensor-outpull upon our bubble universe. (Note: A sub-posit to this is that AE=EC^3ubed also describeds the nexial energy level of a black-hole-singularity ingress point into parallel Aexo-DarkSpace as is also at the outer fringe-border of our bubble universe with Aexo-DarkSpace)

Posit: There can be ‘no total energy vacuum’ that can exlude the density-field of energy below the BAE-Constant within our universe. And this is because the DarkSpace tensor-outpull tends to want to inexorably actually accelerate outward to itself all lower density objects & energy wave-forms than it’s own original AE=EC^3ubed base-ambient-energy-density-level, again, outward back into itself as a fluid dynamic flow system. Hubble clearly observes & articulates that inexorable outward acceleration of galaxies/mass/energy flow to the outer diameter-border of our bubble universe. And that border is the point where mass @ EC^2quared has accelerated x ‘C’ light speed and reaches the DarkSpace ingress energy thresh-hole of AE=EC^3ubed.

The rest of this paper attempts to provide theoretical proofs of the above based upon a revised- Planck’s constant of (Photon= E=hv->to-> BAE-Constant @ E therefore Photon=E @ ‘C’-light-speed= (EC=hv) as Planck’s revision. And this will perforce also revise Einstein’s Constant @ E=MC^2quared to M=EC^2quared (to be demonstrated following).

Whereas Max Planck posited that certain discreet quanta cannot take on Indescriminate-Values herein I extend that same premise to newly quantafying the value of ‘E’nergy as pertains to quantum-mechanics. Thusly from here forth ‘E’ is to be held constant at a ‘fixed-value’ that I will attempt to define & quantafy by the Planck-Einstein constant. Here after I will refer to the fixed-value of ‘E’ regularly as the BAE-Constant.

Supporting Premise: The Dirac-Constant rather straight-forwardly describes ‘Light’ as ‘Helicoid-Wave-String’ enter:-> Photon ‘E’nergy = h/2pi x w = hv<- (h= MPconstant & w=angular frequency & v=electro-magnetic frequency ) eg. the double radii 2pi a la’ Dirac indicates circular diameter/wave-spin/wave-twist etc.)->ergo-> Light as Helicoid-Wave-String a la’ Dirac & a la’ Planck.

Subsequently a Photon per duel particle/wavicle characteristic would logically= 1-wave-crest to 1-‘Dirac-full-twist/spyro-loop’-wave-crest of afore-said ‘Helicoid-wave-String.’ And classically the Planck-Constant writes that as 1-Photon’s energy-‘E’= hv.

Central Key argument per the logic of Max Planck: Pragmatically ‘E’ must equal some ‘constant’ based upon the Planck-Einstein Constant rather than ‘E’ being merely a generically descriptive term merely in indication of the variously calculated sums of ‘whole-quantum-energy’ of sub-atomic particles &/or wave values in general terms. To my mind that seems somewhat slip-shod ‘not’ to narrowly define ‘E’ in very specific fixed-quantum-value terms that would be universally-constant in all quantum-mechanics equations.

Max Planck’s Constant is classically defining the ‘E’-energy of a photon within light-wave-string obviously at ‘light-speed’ ergo E=hv. The problem here that ‘C’-light-speed is ‘not’ an irrevocable constant-speed as regards to the fiction of ‘the vacuum of space.’ There is no-such-state as a complete energy vacuum. And ‘space’ relative density is compromised through gravitational warp-density rendering the idea of a ‘Light Speed Constant’ to be a defacto fiction relative to gravitational space-density stressors constantly impinging upon light’s trajectory & drag vs speed. Hence the original proofs to Einstein’s theory which perforce validated General Relativity etc.

There is difficulty here unless we define the ultimate base-constant of ‘Light-Speed’ by defining ‘Light Speed’ at a ‘Fixed-Base-Ambient-Insterstellar-Space-Energy-density level’ that cannot be further reduced because of the dynamic-quasi-static-tension of the Surrounding DarkEnergy gravitational out-pull-stressors upon our space-time-normal energy sheet within our bubble-space-time variable-normal universe. Then the relative interactive interchangeability of our various quantum mechanics experimental findings will not lack accuracy & therefore will not lack functional empiric validity. There are discoveries that we are missing by not establishing the BAE-Constant for ‘E’-energy.

Accordingly then this modifies the Planck-Constant as follows: Logically then using ‘E’ as the fixed-quantum of the Base-Ambient-Energy Constant/BAE-Constant we can define Light Wave Photon energy-density simply as BAE-Constant ‘E’ x ‘C’ light-speed= Photon-energy-density. And so this concept simply converts the Planck-Constant Photon energy definition from E = hv -> to -> EC=hv.

And as follows relative to the Planck-Einstein-Constant this new fixed-quantum-definition of ‘E’ as the Base-Ambient-Interstellar-Space energy-density level expresses ‘E’ per ‘Planck’ as-> E=hv/C

Review revisions:

*Re: ‘E’ = BAE-Constant = hv/C

*Re: Planck’s-Constant = 1-Photon = EC = hv

*Re: Mass of 1’H’-hydrogen= EC^2quared = hv^2quared = (M=EC^2quared)

*Re: AExo-DarkSpace = DarkEnergy = EC^3ubed = hv^3ubed = (AE=hv^3ubed=EC^3ubed)

Recap: Planck Revised->Photon= BAE-Constant @ Light-Speed

Old Planck->Photon= E=hv->Revised Planck-> EC=hv

Therefore BAE = E = hv/C

If then Einstein Revised says M=EC^2quared

then also E = M/C^2quared

then also hv/C = M/C^2quared

therefore hv = M/C

and also again hv=EC

therefore {hv} x C = M which is also neatly ({hv} x C = EC^2quared) = (M=EC^2quared)

and again said Revised Planck says Photon= EC=hv because new BAE-Constant = E making Photon=E@C-light speed

therefore as before revised Einstein says M=EC x C which also = M = hv x C which also = M=EC^squared which thusly becomes Revised Einstein per Revised Planck’s-Constant per reassignment of the postulated ‘now’ fixed-universal-constant value for ‘E’-energy as the BAE-Constant aka Base Ambient Energy universal-fixed Constant.

Again-> M=EC^2quared which is equal to -> {hv} x C = M

And again Planck revised restates Photon=> EC=hv aka BAE-Constant of ‘E’ x C-lightspeed = EC=hv.

*Conclusional Postulate: Light Speed-‘C’ can only correctly be stated as an universal constant in the context of ‘E’-energy being also stated as a fixed-universal-constant; and this within the further framework of a revisional re-expression of the Planck’s Constant which in turn simultaneously revises Einstein’s-Constant equation relative to the relationship of Mass to Energy to Light-Speed.

In short these revisions are stated: From E=hv ->to-> EC=hv as the Revised Max Planck’s Constant->&> which mandates, proves & articulates the Einstein Revision> From E=MC^2quared ->to-> M=EC^2quared perforce.