Thoughts on the Hadron Collider – No

Anyone who understands physics understands that elctrons are constantly approcahing velocities near the speed of light in our everyday outer atmosphere. To think for one moment that a packet of electrons that are smaller than the head of a pin will create a massive blackhole that will destroy the earth is absolute rubbish! If this were true an atomic bomb would have created such black holes long ago. A black hole requires matter and anti matter pairs to consume one another in an ongoing process that takes millions of years to form and an unimmaginable amount of matter and antimatter pairs are required. If your worrying about the possibility of this happening in any form with the hadron collider, I would suggest you look into the energy and mass that is required to start a nuclear reaction which cant even compare to the energy and mass required to form and sustain a black hole.

With that being said I do not rule out the possibility of a malfuction causing major damage in the area. All it would take is a breach in any one system to allow the high energy electrons to escape the reactor and cause a chain reaction of energy in the atmosphere. Such an escape could cause a nuclear chain reaction that might cause a similar effect to Chernoble. Unlike electron reactions in our outer atmosphere that burn up in our ozone layer an electron reaction within heavier materials can cause massive amounts of radiation.

So before dismissing all concern about the possibility of damage caused by this collider, I would caution you to stop thinking in terms of black holes and encourage you to think about what the possible effects could be if this amount of energy were to escape the hadron collider. Do the scientists really understand a collision of this amount of energy? How long will a reaction take place? Is there sufficent magnet field to ensure the reaction is contained for the duration of the collision? If this collision creates the gravitons that make up the electrons will they be containable? what are the effects of high energy gravitons? These questions need to be answered with confidence based on facts.

We have many colliders in opperation on a daily basis that do not malfunction and opperate at much lower energies, but these colliders are all proven with in the context of their energy output. The hadron collider is different in the aspect that we don’t know the outcomes of this amount of energy. This in itself is the reason it has been built and with any experiment we can only hope our calculations serve us well. Unfortunately all too often our calculations don’t always ensure safety. When two subatomic particles are propelled at one another at the speed of light they will meet at speeds that double the light barrier. Can we assume that a simple magnetic field can contain the reactions of this kind of output? What precautions have been taken in the event that the machine fails to contain the reaction?

I can only hope for the sake of the participants that all goes as planned, but to relate this experiment with a destruction of the whole planet is quite a stretch of the imagination. So go on, experiment with the unknown. I’m just glad I’m not pushing the button.