The Large Hadron Collider – No

The large Hadron Collider destroying Earth is a great premise for a science-fiction story, but that’s exactly what it is, science fiction. Almost every scientist today believes that the Large Hadron Collider will not destroy the Earth. This project has been studied for decades, and it started construction in 1984. Over ten billion dollars has been invested from many countries around the world in the collider. It is quite unreasonable to assume that they all want to destroy themselves. It is nonsense.

This experiment is one of the most exciting scientific happenings since the Moon landings. The potential is enormous. Basically, they are trying to find the building blocks of all matter. For instance, gravity goes crazy at the sub-atomic scale, and doesn’t behave as gravity should. This is the area of quantum theory, and it is very strange.

How the collider works is intriguing. Two atoms will be revved up to almost the speed of light going in opposite directions. When they collide, cutting edge cameras will photograph the particles that spin off of the collision, and hopefully a new particle called the Higgs-Boson will be discovered, and it looks like it has! There could be other particles, maybe something called a graviton which could be discovered. In theory, a graviton is a particle that is responsible for gravity. If discovered, the benefits are enormous. Imagine an anti-gravity vehicle capable of defying gravity. That is possible with the discovery of a graviton. We would finally understand how gravity works. This used to be the stuff of science fiction, but no more. This is right around the corner.

Then again, it is possible that other unknown particles will be discovered. Things we can’t even imagine. Who knows what the ramifications are? But the scientists are convinced it won’t be the end of the world. All this talk about black holes swallowing the Earth is exactly what it is, just talk and speculation. No matter what people try to accomplish, there are always people who want to shoot them down. The naysayers even filed a lawsuit to stop the project! Foolish waste of time and money I say.

The Large Hadron Collider doesn’t have the potential to destroy the Earth, it has the potential to discover what the Earth and the living beings that habitate the Earth are all about. It hasn’t destroyed the Earth so far, has it?

The payoff from this project will be reaped for many, many years. All sorts of experiments will be conducted, too numerous to mention here, but very important to improve our standard of living. When we talk about the nanoworld, the stuff of creation, we begin to understand how things work. How can we fix global warming without truly understanding what goes on at the atomic level? Now we may. This alone is justification enough for the Hadron Collider. I am very, very excited about these experiments, and will watch intensely the results of the collisions. In fact, anyone who cares about our world will do the same, how could they not?