Will Great Rivers Die – Yes

Sadly yes. Why? because of the reckless endangerment of the environment caused by the intolerence of Man. Air Pollution. Poisonous Chemicals filling the land daily, Toxins in our water. Only a matter of time before our food supply is affected by it. We have to make a stand for something in this world , or fall for anything. It will take more than once voice,
willing to make a stand and help get the message out there this action is required by those who wish to make a difference do what is right and most of all by those who care about this planet. God created all of us and every living thing in this world it’s our responsibility to make sure the environment is well kept we all have a part to play in this if we band together,
there is no doubt in my mind the goal cna be accomplished. Mother earth is precious therefore should always be treated with care.

Living on this earth together others should care what happens to it after all this is our home, and any negative outbreak will ultimately affect everyone with this knowledge brings cause for alert this is a serious matter not to be taken lightly by any means I have a grave
concern for wildlife and many others that are considered endangered species. It saddens me to know I live in a world where people don’t show enough concern for one another, the environment, or God’s creatures great or small. So much more can be done with the right mindset one must possess care to begin with you’ve already witnessed what has and is happening because of those who do not care. The war over the ownership of water is in progress
now. Nothing in this world is free except the few natural resources we do have the way things are going we won’t have them for long because of the constant inconsideration and destruction of others. I believe it would be a price on ” Air” if there was a clever way to market it.

Technology, Science all work diligently to discover cures for human related diseases safe drinking water is a necessity clean air and water is needed here to assure a brighter future for the generation to come we have to clean up our act and take care of the planet now there won’t be any ” Future” if our world becomes a desolate wasteland. Going green is a good start conserving energy trying not to be wasteful of any resources we have is positive gesture in the attempt to make things right and help our planet all of this will move us in the right direction. If we could gather as many as it would take in correcting this problem as it took to create it I believe it would be all but solved and all would be well for this world and for everyone. Judging from what I experience and witness on a daily basis, in the media, and on the internet we have work cut out for us to undo what others have carelessly donn and is still doing like where I live illegal dump sites the burning of tires creating more pollution and just blatantly destroying not only the Ozone layer but this planet our Home and in the long run if nothing is done about it us. I know there are many others in the world who care about God’s creatures and desire to help and keep them from becoming an endangered species yet if the world continues not to care and this goes on continuously, what happens if we become endangered? who will help and care for us? This land cannot be healed or cured by our hands alone we did not make it only the creator can heal it.