Will Great Rivers Die – Yes

It is sad that I must right to the Yes side of this article. I wish the great rivers would flow forever with the pristine crystal clear water of many a year ago. A time when the water was so clean that it was refreshing to look at as it was to just get in and let it flow over your body. Once the water was so pure that one could survive off the food available. This, sadly is not the case anymore.

There are many reasons for the decline in our great rivers and the death of such. Geologists have there terminology and theories as to why the rivers die, meteorologists have there reasons why the rivers will die, every branch of science in some way attempts to identify the reason for this calamity. It is more than science as we all know.

Our planet was designed with a balance. It was balanced and there was a plan to remove the harmful and fatal pollutants that occurred in our environment. Natural filtration so to speak. Our planet was designed to support life. However, it has a limit on what it can do. There comes a time when anything whether natural or man made becomes overloaded and this is what has and is happening to our planet.

We have increased harmful gases in the atmosphere that accumulate in the clouds and come down in the rain to pollute the rivers. This is in addition to all the pollutants we place in the rivers straight forwardly. We have harvested our forests and woodlands and in effect crippled our water sheds. We have paved roads and parking lots which makes water flow the way we want and not necessarily the way mother nature needs it. All of our marvelous construction and building of cities has altered the weather patterns because we have done things like raise temperatures and alter natural landscapes that mother nature needed in order to maintain the intimate balance of all her forces.

We needed many of these “improvements” we have made because of our increase in population. We have to have places to live and work and shop and park all of our automobiles. Our needs have possibly turned into the downfall of mother nature and the environment. We do not ,nor can we control the weather. Our engineering however plays a part on the weather.

Not only does it play a part on the weather but it is also a major factor in the “Global Warming Crisis”. We do not have the natural processes we used to have to remove pollutants and filter us from the suns rays. By making the planet hotter we dry the ground to the point that when it rains soil is washed into our rivers rather than the water being absorbed into the water tables and used by plants during photosynthesis.

We also have to implement dams into our naturally flowing rivers so as to create reservoirs to provide water and electricity for our large cities. By restricting the water flow we have to agree to an extent that we are harming nature since we are altering the style that mother nature used for millions of years to protect herself.

The improper use of natures tools surely puts us on a path to diminish all the parts of nature that we require to survive. Rest assured as the great rivers dry and populations thin or even cease to exist there will be other rivers form. Nature has the ability to repair itself. We cannot completely repair the problems we have created but in the end nature and the environment will succeed in all we cannot do.