Will Great Rivers Die – Yes

I truly believe that in time if we do not seriously re-think about the way we are living, then it will eventually have a catastrophic effect upon this planet, including our rivers and the ending result will be to see our great rivers die.

We must remember, we do not own the freshness of the air or the sparkle of the running water as it flows. We as human beings depend on running water, not only for sustaining life, but also for energy, travel and irrigation. Yet not only are our seas and oceans being affected but also our rivers and lakes. Abused by industrialization and modern agriculture.

Sediment is a big cause of water pollution and that is a by-product of mining, construction, agriculture along with the timber industry. Then there is also the pollution from industries, chemical and power plants, even our own household waste and garbage. What about the hundreds of thousands of tourists that trek across the great lands leaving a trail of plastic, paper, metals etc.., because they are too lazy to clean up as they go?

Everything has a knock on affect upon the land, where eventually it reaches our rivers and in turn from there, the journey of contamination continues to spread even into the air that we breath from the mists and vapors that arise from the waters. Then like a silent cancer, it stretches out into fine blankets of mist across the earth, reaching out to every living thing, be it animal, vegetable or mineral and contaminating. We are all in the chain link of life. We see already the effects of global warming. (through so much contamination and pollution). Even the ozone layer that acts as a protective cover around this planet, is starting to break down and allowing the sun light to melt the polar ice caps and dry our rivers and lands.

We as human beings owe it not only to ourselves but to nature also and need to respect and realize how sacred this planet of ours truly is. What we must remember is that all things are connected and that what happens to this earth and its rivers, will ultimately affect us, the human race and sadly even our possible demise.

It is therefore up to each and everyone of us to see that the safety of mankind and this planet and all it has to offer is no longer taken for granted but respected. Now is the time to start opening our eyes once and for all and to focus on what is really happening to our rivers and ultimately our water supplies and do something fast before it is too late!