Will great rivers die? – Yes

The second law of thermodynamics dictates to us that everything will die! How many of us are getting younger each day? (If you found that great fountain of youth please let the world know!)

I am not very scientific but I do real a lot and write a bit too! I believe from what I have read as ‘truth’ and what I have seen as ‘fact’ in my lifetime. Of course we can only look into our own lifespan and simply read bits here and there about previous times.

I believe the earth was once surrounded by water (Gen 1:6). The clouds were put into place and they control the smog that we produce (we are very naughty as people, dirty really) We pollute everything we can get our little mitts on. Around 4500 BC (sorry folk who don’t like Christ here) there was an enormous eruption in the whole earth. Now before that, the earth was very dry and hard to work as Methuselah is known to have declared when dear little Noah came into the world. (Gen 5:29) Around 600 years later the catastrophe happened and the lovely neat little earth was pummelled and pounded with waters that were held above and below her. As a result we see the earth in similar geographical dimensions as today (almost). A few hundred years later the earth again suffered a great trauma, earthquakes and even a stray asteroid, resulting in even more divisions of land and more rivers flowing.

The rivers were created through these means in order to benefit those who live on the earth, including plants and animals as well as human beings.

Today our rivers are polluted but we still receive great storms and showers and lots of rain in places (Burma for instance recently) and the USA is constantly getting bombarded with water, so you are very lucky! (blessed) As long as the rivers are being refreshed we will continue in this polluted planet.

One day, however, the rivers will be re-born again as I notice someone else believes here (Ezekiel 47:9) and for one thousand years mankind and all created things will live in a harmonious world. Sadly this world will be eventually polluted once more and this time it will have to pass away, be done with, thrown off, melted, burned up, destroyed!

At that point in time there will no longer be any rivers flowing. I saw an interesting documentary about planets on TV once that showed how our planet will shrivel up into a little black ball, lose its anchorage and speed away into the black yonder! It seemed an interesting theory and a possibility!

By conservation and putting our plastic wrappers in a bin instead of in the rivers, and by collecting cans and not throwing them into the rivers, we can help keep the world revolving for at least our liftime. We can only do our best, and hopefully the fires burning in USA will soon be doused by lovely fresh rain! How much pollution do they add to the total?

Yes, rivers will dry up and fade away, especially when the whole world gets its heavenly match struck! (Rev 8:8)

In the meantime, let us enjoy our lovely rivers, swim sail and fish (just enough to have a meal), don’t pollute the rivers with refuse of any kind, and pray for rain.