Why you might need an MRI

Magnetic resonance imaging is part of the technology, of recent years, that has meant it is easier, quicker and safer for the medical profession to diagnose many conditions. It is possible for problems, which would have required exploratory surgery, to be diagnosed via an MRI scan. This can speed up diagnosis which in turn can help save lives. There can be a lot of reasons why you may need an MRI scan as Magnetic Resonance Imaging can pick up parts of your body which X Rays can’t. Also all of your body or a whole area can be viewed easily and at many levels.

Recently a friend of mine with a back problem needed an MRI scan. This was to see exactly what was going on with her spine and back, which was causing her such pain. The radiologists were able to see it was due to a disc problem and the fusing together of parts of her spine. As any surgery with the spine can be tricky this has given her consultant a fuller picture which an xray would have not. Although she is having treatment at the moment it looks like this isn’t working. Eventually she will need injections which, based on the results of this scan, will be easier to be placed in exactly the right spot.

In more serious illnesses such as cancers MRI’s enable doctors and patients to make informed choices about the treatments available. MRI’s often prevent unnecessary surgery which is dangerous for the patient. They have also been invaluable in the ongoing treatment of many cancers and Leukaemia.

In conclusion you might need an MRI to diagnose your condition and decide on the right treatment for you, or to track the progress of an illness or it’s response to various treatments. It is worth noting that MRI scans are a painless process but the patient needs to be aware that they will actually be slid into a large piece of equipment. Sometimes patients feel a little panicky about this but if they can relax they will find it is over with quickly and not as bad as expected. The staff who operate this machinery are wonderful and know there job so put your trust in them as ultimately it will be to your benefit.