Could there be Life on other Planets

Absolutely, anything is possible! Life on other planets is very feasible. With there being an estimated 20 billion stars in the universe, couldn’t there be at least one other planet with life orbiting just one of those stars? What if only 1 out of 100 stars had the chance of having only 1 planet, being very conservative with this estimate, since our galaxy has nine planets orbiting our sun. That would mean that there is a possible 200 million planets. What if there are a possible 1 out of 100 planets that could have the same conditions as ours does for life to form? That would mean that there is a possible 2 million planets like our planet in form. Then what if it is possible for like on 1 out of every 100 of those planets? That would leave the chances of ANY kind of life on 20 thousand planets. Now, what if there was intelligent life at our known intelligence or even a higher intelligence at a rate of 1 out of 100 planets. That would mean at these rates that the number of intelligent species like ours would be at least 200.

Would we be able to ever meet or communicate with each other? First we would have to take in to account the lifespan of each species as a whole and how far away we are from each other. My estimated distance would be at least 1000 light-years away for a species, meaning that it would take 1000 years for our communication to reach them at the speed of light and another 1000 years to hear there response. Traveling to their planet would even take longer since we can only travel at a fraction of the speed of light and traveling at the speed of light is said to be impossible according to what we know through the laws of physics. So even if there is other life, which there very well may be, the chances of us actually communicating with each other is very unlikely and it is even more unlikely that we will ever meet others, even though there have been many reports and sightings in the past. Another species could very well be out there or even observing us, but the chances aren’t all that good since the conditions needed for intelligent life are pretty hard to come by.

Though my math brought out the chances of there only being 200 other species like ours in the universe, you can use the Drake equation and plug in the estimated numbers of your own or what leading scientists have suggested. Also, I do believe in God and believe that he doesn’t tell us everything because he wants us to learn ourselves, believes that some things are too hard to understand, or just believes it would be better for us not to know certain things. Thanks for your time.