Benefits and Risks of Back Surgery

It is very important that you understand the benefits and risks of back surgery. You might need this surgery one day. Many people suffer from back pain and this is a very common condition. Keep in mind that back surgery might help back you and it might not help you. According to the Mayo Clinic, ” back surgery is needed in only a small percentage of cases.” Most back pain is caused by poor body mechanics, age, and injuries. Back pain occurs normally when there is damage to the back or when there is pressure on the spinal nerves. Do you really need back surgery? What are the risks when having back surgery? Are there any benefits if you decide to have the surgery?

Do you really need back surgery? Before you decide to have this type of surgery, it is a smart move to get at least three opinions from certified spine orthopedic surgeons. This process make take a few weeks but it will help you make an informed medical decision. An alternative method called Spine Manipulation is sometimes used to treat debilitating back pain. Orthopedic surgeons will also recommend a surgical procedure when there is a ruptured or bulging disk. Surgery may me required when back bones are broken or fractured. Some patients decide to have the surgery after all other methods have failed to stop the pain. Medical conditions may also cause a person to have this type of surgery. There are benefits and risks when having back surgery.

What are the risks if you decide to have back surgery? There are numerous risks associated with back surgery. The American Association of Neurological Surgeons state death can occur during this type of procedure. A patient can also become paralyzed or have a stroke if they have back surgery. It is not uncommon for the surgeon to advise back surgery candidates that they may have an allergic reaction, an anesthesia reaction, a blood clot, and blood loss. Your blood vessels could be damaged during the procedure. Patients can experience pain and discomfort. There is also a possibility that the surgeon may have to perform the surgery a second time. Sometimes surgical instrumentation could be left inside the patient and this will require another operation.Make sure you know the benefits and risks of back surgery.

What are the benefits if you decide to have back surgery? The benefits will vary depending on the type of procedure that the surgeon performs. For example, patients that have Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MIS) experience less blood loss and less pain. There is also less damage to soft tissue around the spine. They also have smaller scars and small incisions. A shorter hospital stay and a faster recovery is common after this type of operation. Patients are also able to go back to work and perform their daily activities quickly. Traditional back surgery is becoming less popular as surgeons use computer assisted devices to perform a better and less invasive procedure. Some professionals in the medical industry say that this question is up for debate because a high number of patients still experience pain after the operation.If you decide to have this operation, seriously consider the benefits and risks of back surgery.