Why Women Laugh more than Men

I had never really thought if women laugh more than men until reading the title for this article. I still haven’t quite made up my mind, however by the time I have written my thoughts I may have formulated a firm opinion. Who knows. Ah, ever the decisive female I hear you say.

When you try to consider a subject like this you automatically think of your personal circumstances. In your family or personal relationships it may not be the females who laugh easily and frequently.


Many years ago men were the ‘Bread’ winners ans ‘hunter gatherers’ who shouldered all the family responsibility for Bills, Food, Budgets, Safety and Housing, to name just some. They were sent to war and tended to see more than their fair share of horror,s and the more seedy side of life. Although one can never generalise men seemed to be much more serious.


Women also had a hard time with difficult childbirths, a lack of labour saving devices around the home and often poverty. However one role they seemed to take on was an unofficial ‘entertainments manager’ Most Mum’s or wives would try to keep morale high and relieve stress by adding some humour into day to day life. Whether these early patterns which were set have any scientific basis depending on which sex you are, or whether women have just evolved that way I don’t know.

Nowadays the roles are often reversed and many women are the bread winners with their partners working part-time or being stay at home Dads. Some of this seems to have redressed the balance and I do hear young couples laughing along together.

However at work for example women seem to laugh more easily and freely and do not take themselves quite as seriously as many men. The sexes seem to have a different sense of humour and find different things funny. Perhaps men are just always conscious of their image?

I am lucky to have a man with a great sense of humour. Still unlike me he does not smile at anyone and everyone. I am still the one who will uncontrollably laugh at something I find amusing, although he does have his moments.

Putting down my thoughts has made me conclude that maybe somewhere in a man’s psyche lies that hunter, warrior whose role is to protect and defend his youngsters and his giggling wife. With all that responsibility I suppose he won’t laugh quite so much, even if times have changed.