Mars Travel is Mars too Dangerous is there Life on Mars the Red Planet Travel to Mars – No

Too dangerous for What exactly?

1. The Space Shuttle?
No, We have sent machines to mars before that are still living there with No major problems.

2. The Animals that we may send?
No, We’ve done more dangerous tests with animals here on earth, in order to achieve our medical and scientific breakthroughs. The animal sacrifice is well worth knowing the results.
Send a couple of Chimps, Pigs, worms, birds, fishes, Lets see how they react to the atmosphere. It’s not too dangerous for them to die for the cause of saving human lives.

3. Human Beings?
No, If we can go to the moon we can go to mars. We know the atmosphere, The time it takes to get there the type of suits we’ll need. Actually because we’ve have been there before with our data analysis robots we have enough information to fully prepare ourselves for the journey.

Actually We have more information and technological know-how about space travel than we did when we first landed on the moon. Actually the first trip to the moon will forever bee a more dangerous trip than our first trip to mars.

4. The Country ?
No, The Failures of moon travel had deemed it too dangerous for humans. But with each failure comes knowledge. Knowledge of what not to do, the type that reduces the dangers of space travel.
The success of Moon-walking, put America on the fore front of Universal achievements. We Won the Gold medal in the Space Race. This not only gave America confidence in believing that we can achieve anything we put our heart and minds into, but it gave America Heroes. Heroes that not only stand the test of time in our hearts but in the hearts of people worldwide.

5. For The World?
No, Going to mars helps us to step out of the “box” called “earth”, It is during those moments when human beings can stand from another planet and look back at earth in the distance, they truly get an appreciation of their blessings.

The information that we receive from mars may be very astounding, What if it was found to be that years ago humans actually lived on mars, and we left because of too much nuclear war and fighting and killing that eventually destroyed the planet. This would surely bring some soul searching and thoughts to the people here on earth.

I hope when we do go to mars that we find; human remains, animal remains, and dinosaur bones. The existence of lost civilization and the emergence of Life.

What are the chances of us being alone in this vast universe. Who knows, humans may actually not be traveling to mars, but traveling Back.