Snow Storm Safety

There is a winter blizzard heading your way, so it is time to prepare for cold, wind and snow.  Let’s take a look at what needs to be done.

First, stock up on food.  Concentrate on the dried food that can last and be stored any where.  You can put frozen foods outside, but it is not the best idea.  You will need to go out to get it, wasting heat and risking snow, and after the blizzard when the snow melts there will be flooding.  Outside food can attract wild animals.

Don’t worry that much about water as you can get snow and melt it if necessary.  Your house pipes need to be locked off and drained to prevent freezing and bursting.  Cut off the valve going into the house and then flush all the toilets at open the valves.  It will save problems, especially when the blizzard is over and things thaw.

Get a heater that is non-electric, an make sure it works properly.  A camp heater or kerosene stove is nice, but if not properly adjusted, fumes can accumulate and suffocate you! 

It is for this same reason that you should have a small vent near the top of your house open and one at the base, you need air circulation.  Many will lock the house down tight, fire up a gas or wood heater and not realize it is burning up oxygen as it warms the house.  This is one reason why you get sleepy. 

Do not stay alone, there is safety in numbers!  It will break the boredom, give extra hands in an emergency (such as the roof collapsing), and is a good idea!  You can, and should, always keep one person awake if possible to keep the heat source going, but also to watch for fires.  Even if you do not like the neighbor, you can start the feud back after  the blizzard!

So a final tip is have a well stocked first aid kit and know how to use it.  With food, heat, assistance and the first aid kit, there is no reason to go anywhere!

Stay home during the blizzard and even for a while after it starts to end.  The roads will be slick, too much wind and low visibility during the storm and so you will likely have an accident driving.  After the storm, the snow may be melting, but there will still be patches of ice and the runoff can cause flooding.

Be safe during the blizzard!