Why Women Laugh more than Men

Let’s face it, men and women find very different things amusing. What men find funny often does not even elicit a smile from most women and vice versa. Men seem to laugh at the stupidest things, but why is that women seem to be laughing more often?

Men’s humor tends to focus on the more unpleasant elements of life. Farting, burping, rude jokes and toilet humor. They laugh at the stupid things their mates do and laugh at The Simpsons even though they have seen the same episode 5000 times. Women will laugh at these things occasionally, but limit The Simpsons laughs for perhaps the first 2 or 3 times they watch an episode, yet it is far easier to make a women laugh in general.

Women can often find the funny to side to aspects of life that only manage to frustrate men. Things go wrong. Something unexpected happens. We may freak out and cry, or we may instead just laugh. Really it depends on the situation. But for example, your baby vomits on your shirt just before you are about to go out. What can you do but laugh really and quickly change. Men on the other hand would be extremely frustrated by the same situation. They are not as well equipped with dealing with life’s small unexpected moments, so they struggle to find the humor in these moments.

Most women do not take themselves as seriously as men do. While that is not the case for all women, most men cannot laugh at their own embarrassing moment, or their own mistake. Men do not like to feel that they are incapable and hate the thought of someone laughing at them. Women will usually laugh when they do something stupid. There is no point dwelling on it. Nor do they feel as embarrassed in front of friends.

Women find humor in simple daily moments. They can laugh in a way that says they simply enjoy aspects of life that men do not seem to notice. The simple things like the actions of children and animals are often noticed by women, but overlooked by men. Also women are more likely to engage in conversation more often with friends throughout the day. Women are seen as social beings and the more social interactions, the more opportunities for laughter.

It is also not so uncommon for men to struggle to find anything truly funny about what the women in their life say, yet women can appreciate both sides of humor and laugh with their men… or at them. Perhaps that is saying that women are more easily amused by the simple things in life, but at least their only source of humor does not come from toilets, farting and belching with their mates.

After all, laughter is the best medicine and proven to make you live longer… so start laughing!