What causes a Man to Cry

Over the years, I have seen a few men cry and it may be aimed directly at me, at themselves or even the world which they lived in. Whatever it was, I felt it too. Thus, when a man cries and sheds his dignity, you want to give some space. Sometimes consoling him might make him more angry because he’s humiliated. So what causes a man to cry? Here are a few thoughts on it that if I were a man, I’ll cry too.

1 – Death of A Loved One

Loss is one of the most grieving stages in all of human life. Men are not excluded. Whether it’s a son, daughter, wife, sibling or parent, it hurts. A man will cry and shout, whimper and shudder as tears come down to see that which is beloved lays in the ground.

Memories may be all that’s left but it’s not enough when you’re not ready to part ways. Such a drastic change can cause one to lose direction in life. Thus, it starts with the tears then towards depression and withdrawal. Men can forget who they are upon loss. So grief is a major tearjerker to most of us, men included.

2- Broken Heart

Love is confusing to most men and they want to make the most out of it by being the best that they can. Sometimes much more than who they really are that the efforts which they invest in may be crushed through a knife from an affair. Sadly, broken hearts make it to number 2 because it happens so much, you become numb to the process.

At first, men who cry about a relationship will do so out of their blind love for another only to find that the cheating hurts more whether it’s to themselves for not seeing clearly or their partner who has finally opened their eyes. Thus, love hurts and with it a lot of fights, broken things and screaming tears. Why? It happens.

3 – Personal Journey

Finally, wherever a man may be going sometimes not sharing their thoughts with another can lead to a breakdown. Men are not chatty in particular. Sometimes, they are hiding something so deep that privately they’re shedding tears which they’re ashamed of the world for seeing. Then when it explodes and everyone finally understands, they get angry.

Men try to protect as much of their dignity, ego, persona and even reputation in society from being too feminine. If they’re caught crying, that might be something on the 9 o’clock news for the gossip corner. Nonetheless, this journey is also one of utmost growth as he’ll see who his friends really are and who aren’t. Changes normally happen here in personality or truths are revealed. Basically, your weakness reveals everything about you and even your world.

In conclusion, men cry just as women do but they’re more discreet about their behavior in public. That’s because tradition uproots the masculinity in men to be at the forefront and their inner feelings to be second. However, that may change as relationship building turns the private life to public. Tears will then be something normal when it happens and you move on.