Why Women Laugh more than Men

Women learn at a very early age that God had a sense of fun when he invented women. It really is a serious fact of life that while boys are still playing with marbles, along comes that part of a woman’s life when she has to endure monthly agony that proves she is a woman. We have no choice, and with all the post menstrual tension that comes as part of the package, we have two choices left open to us;

*Be positive and happy and see the funny side of life.
*Curl up a die

Personally, I took the first choice, and many women that I know do that because we are tough and capable of adjustment on a regular basis. Being more flexible in our approach to life really does make us see the funny side of things more than our male counterparts who don’t have those induced by nature tests of manhood, such as we have of womanhood.

Monthly bad news.

We know when it’s coming, and it’s the butt of people’s jokes, so much so that we begin to see the coming of monthly blues as a positive aspect. At least we are not pregnant, and although we are made to suffer from a very early age, it is this very suffering that makes the small problems of life disappear into insignificance, and make us appreciate those moments of humor perhaps better than our male counterparts.


Along with all the pleasure of mature activity, we have to remember that the little eggs produced in a moment of fun may actually turn into something more than a mere egg. Here, it not only takes a sense of humor, but a certain perseverance that men really are not party to. If we get pregnant, it’s our fault for not taking precautions, or our fault for having sex in the first place, and you really cannot go through the balancing act of youth without seeing the humorous side to the double standards attached to life:

*Girls that do are bad news.
*Boys that do are hailed by all.

The process of pregnancy.

Not only are women the ones that have babies, but hormones kick in and tell us we want pineapple sandwiches and chocolate sauce on our steaks. Do you not think that somewhere in the process of creation, someone had a funny moment and decided that cravings would make a women laugh her way through having a stomach like that of a rhinoceros, morning sickness to make everyone get out of the bathroom in the mornings and then the breaking of the waters ?

We have to laugh or else we would cry.


Here is one of the funniest situations to look back on and add to our mirth. It’s kind of like a comedy sketch looking back on the supportive husband. They mean so well but aren’t strong enough to take the same pains that we do. Laid out on a delivery table screaming our heads off as something as tricky as a shoulder gets stuck right at that vital moment, look at a man’s face and see the horror, the labor pains and the inability to cope, and think how lucky humanity is that us strong women do it and not them. It really is funny when you look back and remember that their pain was every bit as real to them as yours was to you, but you got the stretch marks.


Here, the traditional dad goes out to work to get the money to keep the family. Seriously boring stuff that actually stops them from developing a sense of fun. While they are off being responsible, we stay at home, wipe up the meringue that was trodden into the carpet, wonder why a child eats a stick of lipstick, and try to house train children to use a potty. It’s fun watching kids grow, and where a man is in a serious job, we have the free run of enjoying those stages of childhood that not only enhance our sense of humor, but actually make it more resilient.


To top the lot, our creator decided that when we reached a certain age, we should go through a thing called the menopause, but that no one would know what exact symptoms each of us would suffer. The waiting game from the finishing of periods to the first whisker on our chins is a time when the sense of humor is at it’s ripest. We slap creams on our faces to get rid of wrinkles, knowing full well that they don’t work. We use fake tans to make our legs brown and sexy ending up with orange feet and strange blotches around the knees and elbows, at a time when our kids are getting to the age of being independent beings that are beginning to make the same mistakes we did all those years ago, and give us reason to renew our sense of humor even further, because if we didn’t, we wouldn’t survive it.

Women do laugh more than men and there is little wonder. Without laughter, our lives would be less valuable, and we wouldn’t be able to be the loving people we are to those that matter to us.