Child Birth Pregnancy Babies – No

NO NO NO, it is just wrong on so many levels, Men are men and Women are Women, we are different and separate because nature has made us this way. Nature never intended for men to carry or give birth to babies and we should respect natures plan. We should not even try and think about messing with natures balance and play god. If men were meant to carry babies then that’s the way would be born, as that’s not the case it should not happen.

This may seem a little harsh but if there are men out there seriously wanting to carry and by some weird gave give birth to a child then I think that they have some serious issues that need urgent addressing. There is just no way any one can justify and support a man wanting to conceive and give birth. Just because these days medical science can achieved things Frankenstein acts it does not make it right to do it. Just because man invented and found ways to use gunpowder to kill each other does not make it right just like if men could carry and have a child does not make it right.

How would a child grow up with the stigma of being given birth to by their father? I feel it would have a massive impact on their life. Imagine the taunting at school the confusion in their little minds. To do this to a child would take a person who is very selfish because they would be just thinking of them and not how it would effect the baby.

How about the labour wards if men started giving birth then they would have to re-design them and costs to us the tax payers, as I don’t think for one minute women are going to want to be in the same ward as a man who is giving birth sharing his Frankenstein experience with the natural and wonderful experience of a women giving birth. It would take away from women one very special part of being a women child birth. I feel to take this away from women would make them lose a huge part of who they are and one of the mircales of natures would seem no more than a cheap operation that just any one could get.

So just to finish up I feel that men should never be allowed to be considered to be able to conceive a child or even give birth. If this became wide stream then what next for this every changing, ever crazy world we live in. We need to make strict morale lines and stick by them. This does help any one in a medical sense so why waste time, money and resources on this wasted subject. A person who really needs medical attention should and could be getting seen to not a mentally ill man wanting to have a child. Child birth for men is not the way, a shrink is.