Why Morphing into an Animal is Impossible – No

Why morphing Into an animal is impossible:

What is the main difference between humans and animals? Our DNA is very much similar to that of a chimpanzee, but it is not enough to call it a real difference. The main thing that show itself is our brain size and bone structure. You may ask, if the DNA is so closely related, then why couldn’t it be possible to change into other animals, or gain their characteristics? It is quite easy to say that we will never gain that ability, excluding the traits of animals we already have.

For years scientists have examined the DNA of animals and humans alike, but the few answers they have attained only raise more questions. The double helix of DNA that makes up every mammal on this earth is comprised of billions of singular parts. Even if we spent the next thousand years in research, we would only view a secular piece of the massive chain. This does not include the multitude of mammals upon this earth, let alone the other six kingdoms.

This brings up other problems as well. We are warm-blooded, but one of the biggest kingdoms, reptiles, is cold blooded. Our bodies would not be able to handle such a radical change. To lose our internal source of heat would lead to a death of hypothermia before the morph is completed. Even if morphing were possible, we would have no idea how long the process would take, but it would require each individual gene to be changed in position and type.

As for the traits of animals, we already have that capacity to a limit. A human being at his best mental prowess is the farthest from being an animal like, but at the opposite side of the spectrum, humans at their best physical prowess equal a savage beast. Throw in the use of testosterone and you have an overgrown chimpanzee. This is the closest we will come to the transformation to an animal, a mix of brute strength and childlike rationalization.

In short, we will never gain the ability to morph because of the sheer amount of research needed. We are also limited by the physical incapability of our bodies to handle such a radical change. Also, we as humans are already animals, but it is not the dream of becoming other animals we should seek, for this would discount the millions of years of evolution we’ve been through to achieve our current state. This state that we have gained is to keep us above the lower animals and keep us at the top of the food chain.