Future Morphing – Yes

While morphing may seem like fantasy, its meaning still exists in our dictionary. It is not unrealistic to our future scientific discoveries. In fact, the world’s knowledge of science has already begun to sprout into changing the human body. Small effects of the transformation have already occurred around the world. Here is an real example of such transformation:

A little girl hurt herself and peeled off a large part of her skin. Because of her youth, the infection rate for leaving the skin exposed was high and could very likely cause death. Doctors were too far from main cities too call for help and decided to research on their own. Using thin pieces of clean cow skin, they placed it upon the wound to seal it off from infection. Months later, the wound healed faster than expected and the cow skin was removed. After a few tests and confirmations, the doctors noted that some parts of the cow skin cells had mixed with the regular human skin cells. In addition, the skin was tougher and had a slightly paler color to it. Though small, this is proof that scientists are already gathering the information from experiments that would enable the invention of the art of morphing.

Now morphing into animals does not mean that we have to completely change into them. It could be the body, arm, ears, or just a fingernail! As scientists progress in learning about organisms, they are able to do more techniques in surgery that could transform our bodies. Like the example shown above, it could be used to replace parts of our injured bodies. This proves, that changing a part of you into an animal isn’t so complicated!

With our current information, it is most likely that morphing would use something related to introducing cells to the body. Since there are many different kinds of cells in animals, scientists need an extraordinary amount of time to study the cell’s function, DNA, and other factors that may effect the body. That is the reason we do not have that technology today. Just give it time, and soon, we will be able to advance our technology to the next level.

The second part of the question asks us if we could develop animal traits in the future. I don’t see that as a restriction if we could already do that today. We, ourselves, are animals with our own traits. Though some are not natural, many of them are still there. To develop those different animal traits, you simply live with them and be near them them all the time. This also explains a way where we could force humans to take animals traits. Here is an example of what we could be able to do to force these traits unnaturally:

As a small child, one can be pushed around in the world that he/she is unknown in. Let us imagine, that a boy was left behind in the woods as an orphan. Wolves hear the baby orphan crying, and comes over from curiosity. With some consideration, the wolf decides to raise this unusual cub in the same way it treats her own. In its natural and/or unnatural way, the human cub grows with the wolf mother and develops some of the animal’s traits. Though this particular event has never happened in real life, similar events have occurred in history. Though it is not the most pleasurable way of imagining things, it shows that developing traits can be naturally done already. However, using technological influence for these traits may turn a few tides to the question.

If animal traits are introduced to human bodies, it will most likely have connection towards wiring the brain. Since the brain is often called the most complex thing in the world, scientists need much more time to understand it’s functions. Given the amount of the information on the human brain, it is impossible to force complete traits inside. This is why scientists are unable to use these trait giving techniques. Give them more time, and I will guarantee that they will amaze you with what they can do.

Creating the technology in the future could be a hundred years from now, or even a thousand! However, the future goes on and on, giving unlimited time to research these subjects and develop new studies. I would say that someday, we would be able to do more than just morphing and developing traits. Maybe we could make our offspring animals too! Trust and support the scientists in this world and you will see this goal as completed.