Humans will not have Ability to Morph into Animals in the Future – No

No. Humans will not acquire the ability to morph into animals or develop animal traits in the future. Sorcery and wizardry are romantic and imaginative concepts but not realistic. Even though there is only a 400 gene difference between humans and chimps, animal traits would have to give humans an adaptation to the environment and survival advantage and would take millenia to emerge. Any developed animal traits would become permanent. Human embryos have many animal traits that are lost in the adult stage. While humans might like to have the ability to fly, not many would like to have a tail. Birds have hollow bones that allow them to float on air. Humans would have trouble walking upright if they had hollow bones. It might be possible for humans to grow more hair if global warming makes more of the earth’s surface colder. Humans will not develop another stomach to make it possible to digest cellulose, but it is possible to manufacture enzymes to help us digest cellulose from plants when uncontaminated meat is not available. Humans use textiles and makeup to camouflage themselves in harsh environments so the animal ability to blend into surroundings to hide from predators is not necessary. Animals and birds produce pterins which generate a rainbow of colors while humans create melanin.

It would be easier to employ genetic plasmids to insert human traits into animals than to program humans with the ability to morph into animals. Inserting human traits into animals was the basis of the novel “Next” by Michael Crichton. In the novel “Next”, a chimpanzee and an ape talk and a parrot processes language.

Even if it were possible for humans to morph into animals, there is no guarantee that the morph will survive and thrive or reproduce. The study of breeding between species would indicate that the morph would not live long and most likely would not be able to create viable offspring. It is possible that a mutation in a single Hox gene could result in reptile like skin, a flipper or fused toes instead of a foot (polysyndactyly), or legs or antenna growing out of the eyes. This Hox gene mutation is not an acquisition of an animal trait.

Biological diversity would not be served if humans morphed into animals. The human Y chromosome is actually devolving. Humans may be endangered species or extinct in the future, but they will not be morphing into animals.