Will we have the Ability to Morph into Animals or at least Develop their Traits – No

       Imagine, for a moment, that science has made astounding achievements in human/ animal DNA Gnome splicing, allowing for greater strength (gorilla), longer & stronger brain functions (sharks) faster running capabilities (cheetahs, pumas, panthers). and then let’s take that just a little further, because our kind has a fascination with flying, so let’s say science has the ability to clone wings to the size needed to allow us to fly and then grafting them to us. no more watching films like” the wolfman” ” the Cat people” etc. and books like the “shapechangers” by Jennifer Roberson could be considered a pioneer in the development in the science of “cross species development”

     The Medical specialist that once drooled over liposuction, plastic surgery and breast augmentations will head to their nearest online academy to learn the latest in” trans-species”surgery. making millions, garnering grants from the government, mostly for the development for military purposes. And the advertising dollar, can you imagine the waves of new commercials hocking the ideas of a new, better more upgraded you. the Gatorade “G” drink will actually have gorilla essence for more powerful weightlifting and bodybuilding work outs, or Lipton’s green tea with Great white shark essence for anti aging, great concentration and learning. and of course, Lasik’s eyes and wings clinic, one day surgery with low monthly payments (upon credit approval)

  But in the end it is a NO, that is the reason that I am write this article, not because I wouldn’t become one of the million of “keeping up with the jones” but because of two reasons and god has nothing to do with it. the first being, we, as the quote-unquote “top of the food chain” are made imperfect, but if we want to change we have the ability to do so, our environment, our inner selves, of physical body through exercises and diet. still in this age discriminating culture, we are fighting to maintain a long, youthful, life. unlike a couple hundred years ago. sure, some of  our animals are in this day and age are becoming part of the science that does what was described above.

more importantly, this ability, in a culture were we have technological induced laziness. would create egotistical maniacs, because you really can’t tell your fellow man to be careful, use with extreme caution (cellphones). because we have to push the boundaries, the limits. forgoing everything for our ego.maybe if we had the ability to “morph” 4 million years ago. we would have learned how to actually use it in a positive manner