Where does an Alter Ego come from

Where does an alter ego come from? An alter ego is usually something that is created by people as something fun to do, or maybe your buddy decided that it would be funny to do some night when your thinking was somewhat impaired. We all have different sides to our personality, and it can be an escape from reality to come up with an alter ego. Think about what the alter ego has done for the genre of comic books, and how almost all the stories are based on the alter ego of otherwise mild-mannered people.

Sometimes an alter ego can be the result of a disease, and that is something that you would want to see a doctor about. Multiple personalities can come about if you have been in a traumatic situation, or you just have something that you wanted to forget, and it can just happen as the result of some type of disorder. Usually though, if you want to forget about your life, you might change your identity, or try to cover it up by trying to start a new life.

Alter egos aren’t always bad though, and sometimes they can be used just for fun. I had an alter ego once, and it had nothing to do with any disease, it was just a character that I created in a video game, and so I decided to use it as an alter ego. When I was out at parties, or just really bored I would pretend I had a cape and go out fighting crimes, or just trying to grab a few laughs at the party. It was pretty stupid sometimes, but I had fun with it.

Who wouldn’t want an alter ego? Wouldn’t you rather be Superman as opposed to Clark Kent? An alter ego does represent a chance to try and be something that we aren’t. Clark Kent is just some guy at a boring job, but Superman is a hero who saves his city when everyone else is asleep at night. Wouldn’t we all like to be the guy who was able to stand up for the little guy, or fight crime without anyone knowing who you were?

An alter-ego is something that comes about as an attempted escape from reality. We all have different aspects to our personality, and sometimes we want to just have fun with it. We can’t be boring, and uptight all the time, we need to cut loose and have some fun every so often. Sometimes we try to escape reality for serious reasons as well, and so we just create an identity that we use to try to wipe the slate clean, and live the life we want to.