How to Release your Alter Ego Safely

Three bottles of beer, that is all my alter ego needs to kick start into life. One moment I am purring along at my normal organized even tempered sweet pace.  After the third beer, my alter ego is me, my eyes glaze over, I don’t want to have anything to do with my usual companion common sense, who quickly  turns into nonsense, a raging rock sex queen, belting out Suzi Quatro songs, “Down in Devil Gate’s Drive” and Bon Jovi “Have a Nice Day”  I am riding the wings of fate in Top Gear, the pistons screaming at full throttle,the dogs run for cover to the safety of the saner partner, who rushes around the house hiding all the booze, muttering things about shocking me with 240volts, by sticking a fork in my mouth and my fingers in the plug socket, to ground me.

An alter ego, can be a dangerous bedfellow.  Most people have one but never let it out, which can manifest in all sort of disorders.  Letting it out is tricky territory too.  But with a bit of planning and common sense you can do so safely. 

Here are some examples of releasing your alter ego safely.  If you like killing things occasionally take up fishing, hunting. My partner claims he is passive, even natured, but I have seen him kill fish, cooly, methodically and impassionately. He would argue thats just who he is, but he does not go aound saying, hello my name is Ben, I like to kill.  If you fantasies that your desirability knows no bounds, masturbate till you cannot come anymore.  If you think you are invincible, hit yourself over the head with a book, or whatever you need to do to feel pain.  If your beyond pain, start a beyond pain clinic.

An alter ego would not be necessary if you were able to live,freely and speak your truth in this world, until that glorious day, when we can be ourselves without upsetting, dogs, boyfriends, neighbors etc., I would like to start an Alter Club Ego anonymous.  “Hello my name is Fanny”  I have a masters in excess, delusions of grandeur, which I indulge on a regular monthly basis. I pretend I live in a huge house, with servants, have regular beauty treatments, wear Chanel suits, and can go anywhere in the world, and of course, I am the face of Lancome, and patron of many charities, to do with dispossessed dogs, people, egos.

The fact that I am un-employed, live in a shack, have a beer belly and am halfway through a lifetime of watching travel/cooking shows, have not gone on holiday for five years, could change any minute, with that second bottle of beer, and my manifest don’t stress mantra, I and my alter ego are reunited with my favourite rock chicks doing what we love to do best rocking out, dress ups and having fun. What does your alter-ego want to do? Do you indulge it or not?  These are questions I would be asking my perspective employees.