When will People Worldwide have enough Clean Safe Water to Drink

The news report came on the television just yesterday about water. It was stating that its not really as important as we think to drink the eight glasses at least a day. That also it was over stated to assume that we get all that we need for the release of toxins in the body, or that it was even helpful to the extents in which we reguard it to. Knowing that water is used to make a liquid out of nutrious compounds, to dilute or expand when mixed together with it, no alone, it doesn’t have healing qualities; but you cannot drink tea without it and the leaves in the tea contains the nutrients which release toxins. Seeing right through the attempt to media hype the public, I figured someone must be saying it because they are trying to convince us not to use it all up, or reap its benifits of its use.

Now I’m not coming to you as a saint, because I blasted it on a couple of times last week just to piss my land lord off who pays the water bill. But when I looked at the fact that I’m actually getting off on her anger is not worth an excuse to take it for granted. What really scared me was when I visited the page and pictured myself as someone who turned on the faucet one day and sewage were to come out of the faucet. Running water is a blessing in itself I already know because its not rocket science, but what I appreciate more about this opportunity, is that what is happening to third world countries that don’t have the luxury of safe drinking water, that it eventually could become my problem eventually becoming a world wide dilemma.

So I find myself saying, if only for myself, I need to find out what the barriors that need to be torn down so that the situation doesn’t spread, and then address how that information can be shared so that the world could reap the benifits as a whole. In active government to teach modernized curriculum of a culture that can purify their sources of water. Pollution, and a lack of community action programs which volunteers treat the water as something they should take actions to preserve. Part two is coming soon..

So when can we expect that the entire world will have enough clean water to drink. I say when we make an effort through prayer because to organize such events, its not always easy to get everyone to comply with standard of preservation, and that the curses of God to turn water into blood if we sin. Every action should be taken to make it a world wide restitute that we can all reap the benifits of, every reference has to overturned and adhered to.