When will People Worldwide have enough Clean Safe Water to Drink

Be thankful for your water

Today we have become used to living in the lap of luxury. Even the poorest people living in North America are considered rich to people from third world countries. People who live in a grass hut with a dirt floor. They have one outfit to wear and no shoes.

They go to the river to wash themselves and use the same water to cook, clean and drink. They don’t have the pleasure of running water, out of a faucet. They don’t have clean safe water to drink from. Their health is suffering and disease has caused many illnesses and even death.

Here in North America we have health care and physicians in every city. We don’t have to go for miles to find some help. We have community services and food banks to go to if needed. Churches that do special fund raising and programs to bless us at Christmas with a good box and gifts. No one needs to go without the simple necessities of life.

In this day and age we have to find different ways to stretch a dollar. Maybe we can’t afford brand new clothes, furniture and appliances. We have used things to purchase and our pride can take a place on the shelf. There is a time and a season of plenty to be followed by a season of drought.

Life has to be balanced and we many not appreciate the outcome. This is a time to be quiet and think about what we can be thankful for; our family, friends, employers, food on the table, a roof over our heads and clothes on our backs.

It is all so simple when you strip away all the luxuries of life and your left with the bare necessities. Have you forgotten what life was life for you ancestors? They didn’t have half the stuff we have or use today. In fact most of the people that lived in the early 1900’s came to this country with nothing. They worked hard and built up a home and family in this country and you have benefited from the fruit of their labors. From 1929 to 1937, the world suffered the greatest depression era of all time. What if we had to face the same set of circumstances today? Could you put your self in their shoes and survive?

Have we become so reliant on the luxuries this generating has that to live without them would cause us to hate each day and wish we were dead? We must learn to love those around us every moment of the day. Set aside our differences and band together by helping each other through the tough times. It shouldn’t be every man or woman for themselves. If that my friend is what we’ve become by being self-reliant and so selfish to the point that if we go through a dark depression we will have to learn to share everything we have or own with no choice or do without the people around us in order to survive.