When will People Worldwide have enough Clean Safe Water to Drink

This is surely one subject that mankind can not just turn our collective heads away from and say “God will fix it”. We are ruining our most important resource, fresh water, at a rate unequaled in human history. From pollution, over usage, new species introductions through super tankers’ ballast waters, and other means that destroy pristine water habitats (like the zebra mussel), to Industrial waste and Oil spills, the water on our planet is fast becoming undrinkable. Just imagine, not 200 years ago, people could drink right from a stream and not worry about it. Not today, not anywhere near any major industrialized cities, anyways. Sure, there are spring waters, fresh mountain run-off waters that are sparkling clean and extremely good, to the point people put it in plastic bottles and sell it worldwide. And we accomplished all that in a fraction of a fraction of the time that we have been on this lovely Planet we call Earth. Destruction at unfathomable rates, that is our creed, that is what now defines us.

So, in order for people worldwide to have enough drinking water, we are going to have to come up with some way of harvesting, and cleansing, rain waters, and delivering it to cities, towns, villages and camps. There will have to be pipelines, not for oil and natural gas, but for clean, drinkable water. These pipelines could be snaked throughout the sub-saharan deserts, through Africa, the Middle East, North, Central and South America, every single nation on Earth. With huge depositories, not open to the elements, to store-up the waters as the heavens open up and pour our life’s essence onto our planet, we just might be able to provide clean drinkable water to every person in the World.

When will people have enough clean, safe water to drink? Possibly when we wise up and make it an international priority. With the money being pumped into the war machines, just imagine what could be done! Trillions upon Trillions of dollars that are spent yearly on war could be spent on ensuring an everlasting source of clean, drinkable water to the entire populace. Would any nation consider absolving their military, or stop pouring so much money into battleships, nuclear arsenals, training and weapons, planes, missiles, bullets, etcetera, in order to solve a worldwide epidemic? Not on our watch, thats’ for sure! We need to settle a few other problems first, and first and foremost would be to stop human indifference to war and suffering.

Fighting over who’s God is better than someone else’s, or because our neighbors live by different laws and social standards, or in different geographical areas, or who has the most oil, all has to stop before we can even think about providing clean, safe water to drink worldwide. When the planet becomes “One Planet under Man”, as opposed to “One Planet under Thousands of different Gods'”, maybe we will be on our way to solving the really important issues; like fresh water, food on the table, and a planet to live and prosper on.