When will People Worldwide have enough Clean Safe Water to Drink

It is generally agreed that water is the natural resource that is necessary and essential to the life of the creatures. Without out water, no creatures could resist and survive for a while. However, people around the world are not aware of this importance of Water. Therefore, nowadays, there is a serious global water crisis. So, what are the main causes and consequences of this crisis, and what are some suggestions and solutions to overcome this crisis.

In fact, there are several serious causes that are the basic factors beyond the manifestation of global water crisis. Firstly, people all over the world seem indifferent. They use a huge amount of water in washing their hands and their dishes as they wash their cars and floors of their houses twice to three times a week. They also waste water in public or their own bathrooms and in filling their swimming pools that need much water. Secondly, pollution plays a crucial role in raising this crisis of water. Most of water is being polluted by the rubbish and waste that individuals throw in it. And the most dangerous waste is that of companies, manufactures and hospitals that get red of their poisonous chemical products on water.

All these causes lead to undesired consequences that threaten our existence and the existence of other creatures. Lack of potable water is the serious result that frightens the whole population. In Africa for example most of people suffer from this phenomenon. They do not have any safe or clean water to drink. They struggle everyday to get a small quantity of unclean water from wells far from their properties. Whereas people in other countries as I stated above use water indifferently. And the worse is that those people who lack safe water suffer, as a result, from serious illnesses and diseases. Another consequence concerns agriculture. Because of little water, agriculture does not benefit completely from this precious resource which leads to have production shortages. Hence, we notice each day the increasing of prices of our necessities. As a result, most of the global population is striking against these higher prices as what is happening in Egypt recently and in other African and Asiatic countries.

The following are some appropriate solutions and practical recommendations to adopt and follow to decrease the danger of this water crisis:

Individuals should:

1- Only polish or wash their houses’ floors and their cars with little water.
2- Not to fill their swimming pools and their baths with potable water.
3- Not to throw their waste in water.
4- Wash their dishes in a good manner and fix their taps from dripping when they finish.

Social organizations should:

1- Organize campaigns to make people aware of the causes of this crisis.

2- Use mass media, Press, Internet and other means of communication to show the importance of water.

3- Try to convince the owners of companies, factories to find ways and places where to get red of their waste.

Governments should:

1- Pass some strict and severe laws and procedures to those companies, factories and hospitals that pollute water.

2- Try to spread alternative systems such as irrigation and stop the old ways by which agriculture waste a big quantity of water.

3- Focus on teaching children and adults at schools or at higher educational institutions the importance of water.

In brief, individuals, social organizations and governments should work together, hand in hand, to overcome and stop this global water crisis which threatens humans’ existence and other creatures’. In a ward, WATER IS A TREASURE AND A PRECIOUS RESOURCE THAT WE MUST KEEP FOR OURSELVES AND FOR THE NEXT GENERATIONS.