What to do if you see a UFO

No one has the perfect answer to the question of what to do if you sight a UFO. There are many opinions as to the best course of action. One can remain silent and many most likely have done just that. Since they didn’t tell, we don’t know who saw what, where or when.

One could tell friends and family and or go to the authorities with any and all information. If the witness to the sighting is afraid of ridicule, there are ways to report the incident anonymously. Each person must make his or her own decision as to whether or not to tell.

I have been a witness to the appearance of a UFO on at least three occasions. My reactions were not the same on any two of them. Allow me to tell you how I reacted and what I did. If you like the way my experiences turned out, and you are the next witness to a UFO appearance, feel free to follow my example..

The first time I saw a UFO, one that I recall anyway, I was with my mother. I had taken her to the doctor and was driving her home in the middle of the afternoon. She was talking as we rode and I was listening with one ear and putting the rest of my brain to driving.

The highway traveled from town out into the countryside and further across the state. The afternoon was warm and sunny. We were about two miles from her house, which was our destination. Up ahead of us was a wooded area. Just before we reached the woods, I would make a left turn onto a somewhat smaller, less traveled road. I was looking down the highway to insure the way was clear to turn and I saw it.

Up above the woods rose a silver object. I had the window down to allow the cool breeze to enter the car, but I heard no noise as from a plane or helicopter. As I watched, the thing, the UFO, rose higher and hovered above the trees. My mother must have said something to which she expected an answer and not getting one, looked where I was looking. She then exclaimed, “Look at that!” I was looking and said so.

As we watched and she asked me what I thought it was, it suddenly raced across the highway, gained speed, rose higher and disappeared.

What did we do? We talked about it all of the rest of the way home, told everyone in the family about it and that was all. I didn’t call anyone in authority or let the local news media know. It was gone. We couldn’t prove it had ever been there. And people who did report such things were considered loony.

But when my mother asked me what to do, I suggested she call the police if it would make her feel better. As she spoke to the officer on the phone, I helped her with what I had observed and she relayed this to him. They never gave us a report as to what they could or would do about what they had been told. I went home and forgot about it until she would bring it up in conversation.

The second time I saw a UFO, again I was in a car. But this time, it was night and I was a passenger. My children were in the back seat and I was listening and talking to them as we rode along toward home. It was around ten, the weather was pleasant and I had the window down.

We were traveling down a country road with wooded areas on both sides of the highway. There were houses in the general area, but none within seeing distance just at the moment I am about to describe. There was no real moon light and all was quiet.

Suddenly, in the dark night sky, I saw a UFO. It raced across the sky from south to north, east to west and suddenly collided with another object that looked like a plane. The plane was about the size of a military jet and when the UFO collided with it, there was a burst of flame and something dark falling to the earth.

I turned in my seat and asked my children if they had seen what I saw. No one had. Neither had the driver of the car seen anything. I was the only one. I described it to them and they were looking about the sky to see if they could see any evidence of my UFO sighting. Of course, they didn’t see anything but sky and stars.

When we arrived home, I called the police in the closest town. I told the officer who answered what I had seen. He told me he would send a patrol car out and I could give a full report.

When the officer arrived, I went over the event again trying to give him an idea of exactly where we were on the highway when it happened. He took a lot of notes and told me he might be back for more information. When he left, my family and I went to bed. I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had seen and wondering what it was exactly.

The very next day, the police officer told me to forget it’. He had investigated. He wouldn’t tell me anything about what he had discovered or hadn’t discovered. He just told me to forget it.

There was a large military base in that area of the state and I firmly believe what I saw was connected with something they were doing. I will never know for sure, but I couldn’t follow the officer’s advice. I have not been able to forget it.

The third time I saw a UFO, my son saw it too. We were fishing, sitting on a pier near a lake in the dark. I wasn’t doing much fishing, just looking up at the night sky when I saw it. My son must have been night dreaming’ too, because he exclaimed at the same time that I did.

The UFO was speeding across the sky, just a bright light going faster than I could imagine anything going and actually seeing it move. After all, the earth is racing through space and I can’t feel it or see it moving. So there it was, far away, but close enough to see the light clearly, going north to south.

Just as my second UFO sighting had resulted in a flash and disappearance, so too with this one. The UFO suddenly collided with something dark, but then bounced off. The collision didn’t stop the forward speed, but the UFO suddenly disappeared.

My son and I talked about it among ourselves and other members of the family, but we didn’t call anyone or report it to any authority. We hadn’t seen anything fall as I had in the second incident, we had no proof of anything seen and since I had only been told to forget it’ we just decided not to tell.

So my advice then is to do what you think is best. If you see a UFO and want to report it, then do so. If you have a camera handy and can get a picture, then by all means take it. There is an authority on UFO sightings and you can certainly get a hearing ear if you decide to report it. Just don’t expect a real’ explanation to be given for what you observe.