What it Means to Dream of Death

Dreaming of death can mean a variety of things depending on the dreamer and the circumstances surrounding them at that time in waking life. In some cases it indicates a fear of death. We may avoid discussing this fear and so it gets pushed onto the back-burner in our subconscious and can resurface in our dreams. In such a case the subconscious is pushing the dreamer to get their fear out into the open where it can become reduced.

At times a dream about death can come about as the result of fear of death, not of our fear of our own death but of those whom we love. If a relative is seriously ill we are more likely to dream of death as we are unconsciously, or consciously, afraid that they may actually die.

At other times dreaming of death is less literal and refers to the death of an aspect the individuals life or current situation. This can be a positive dream indicating that the dreamer has made a change for the better and is ready to adopt a new situation.

If a person has exposed themselves to violent films and video games with consistent repetition then the images can filter into the subconscious and come back out in dreams, hence children having nightmares after reading a scary story or seeing a program that frightens them before bedtime may dream of death and violence. If this sounds like you and you are dreaming of death then you should probably give yourself a rest from the violent images by choosing not to view them.

Dreaming about death is not likely to be a premonition of any kind, rather it will be your deepest fears and thoughts rising to a place where they can be viewed. Death may mean a transition from one way of life into another. It may mean that you are giving up a behaviour or pattern that you have been following for years, because you have grown spiritually and are ready to move on.

One way to find out if your dream about death is positive or not, is to listen to your feelings upon waking. Do you feel afraid? Or absolutely fine? if you are frightened it could be that your subconscious is trying to nudge you into altering something major in your life. If you feel just fine after the dream, you are probably naturally undergoing change and can relax and go with the flow.