What it Means to Dream of Death

The Penguin Dictionary Of Psychology Defines Dreams in the following way:

‘ A train of Hallucinatory experiences with a certain degree of coherence, but often confused and bizarre, taking place in the condition of sleep and similar conditions.’

From a very young age(4 years old) I have always been interested in Dreams and dreaming. So much so it has always been of interest of mine to read up on whatever I could when it came in my Grasp. A fascinating subject as you can approach it with an open mind and come away with a whole new outlook on it. No 2 Authors Ideas even come close so every book or article that you read will be fresh and and new.Reading the Articles that are currently available on Helium I am giving Suggestions on what I think some of the most popular dreams mean. I am no Specialist in this field, just mildly curious and am happy to share my thoughts:

Every Second of the day you are taking in Information like its no bodies business. You are working Faster than any processor in any computer.All this information gets stored on our hard drives (our Brains) for use at a later date. Some of the Info that is taken in is Registered other’s is stored. An example of some being registered would be Relevant: like a journey your making or to pick something up at the shop.When we Rest we sort through the info and start to dream. Everything that has been stored is placed in front of us at such a quick rate and not in any order and this is where the surreal element of dreaming is.


To Dream of falling shows a lack of confidence in our ability. We may feel threatened by a lack of security, wether real or imagined. We fear being dropped by friends or Colleagues.

Falling has come to be interpreted as surrender(partially sexual) and with moral failiure, of not being as one should.

We may feel we are slipping away from a situation, essentially we are losing our place. This can be because of others negative influence.

Traditionally to dream of death indicated the possibility of a birth or a change in circumstances in one’s own life or that of people around. Because in the past death held great fear, it also represented calamity, in the sense that nothing would ever be the same again. It was something that had to be experienced and endured rather than understood. In these present times, as peoples attitudes change, Death in a dream indicates a challenge we must confront. We need to adjust our approach to life and to accept that there can be a new beginning if we courage.

One’s own death in a dream can often be used in dreams to explore other feelings about us.

To drink in a dream is to be absorbing or taking something in. What we are drinking is also important eg Fruit juice would indicate we are aware of the need for cleansing and purity. The color could also be a factor.

Fire in a dream can suggest passion and desire in its more positive sense,and frustration, anger resentment and destructiveness in its more negative

Above was just afew Examples of what I think what some meanings of dreams and dreaming COULD mean. Current affairs in peoples lifes do play a major factor in what type of dream that you have and so it is very much a case of personal thought.