Dreaming of Teeth Falling out

Dreaming of losing one’s teeth is extremely common.  It is a nightmare almost as ubiquitous as that of being nude in public, and it is accompanied by similar feelings of horror, fear, and panic.  Due to its prevalence across a variety of cultures, its meanings are varied.  However, nightmares are often, if not usually, the direct result of the dreamer’s anxieties in waking life.  Dreaming of teeth falling out likely means the dreamer is worried about one of the following elements of his life.

Teeth are necessary for clarity in speech.  Dreaming of the teeth falling out (along with other dreams concerning oral health) might indicate that the dreamer is having trouble expressing himself or that he feels he is not being heard or understood.   This dream represents a breakdown in communication and the dreamer must figure out a way to convey his feelings clearly, whether spoken aloud, written down, or otherwise.

In waking life, we associate losing teeth with poor or declining health (unless those teeth belong to children).  Dreaming of teeth falling out could signify the dreamer’s anxiety about his health or, in some cases, a fear of getting old. 

Often we know, in the back of our minds (the subconscious), when we are coming down with something or treating our bodies poorly.  Dreaming of losing teeth might be an effort on the part of the subconscious to alert the dreamer to these issues.  Sometimes such a dream is a warning, expressed through the subconscious, of possible impending illness.  If this interpretation seems accurate, the dreamer should heed the warning and pay close attention to his physical well-being. 

Healthy, white teeth are considered attractive; anything less can make an individual feel quite self-conscious about his appearance.  Dreaming of the teeth falling out can simply be the result of insecurity with one’s looks or age. 

Since teeth are crucial to eating, losing them in a dream could indicate the dreamer is lacking something important in his life.  (Generally, this wouldn’t actually be food since dreams tend to be more symbolic than literal, though there are exceptions). 

The dreamer might feel ‘hungry’ for something elusive or unattainable such as a love interest, or the perfect career.  In this case, the dreamer should figure out other means of satisfaction and pleasure while working toward his goals.  After all, a person could survive on a liquid diet even though it may be unappetizing.

Other possibilities
Sometimes the subconscious has a twisted sense of humor and a dream can be a play on words.  Dreaming of losing one’s teeth might mean the dreamer has “bitten off more than he can chew” or must “get to the teeth of the matter.”  When interpreting dreams, consider cultural colloquialisms or sayings and how they might apply to the dreamer’s life.

When dreaming of teeth falling out, one should also take note of whether there is any blood or tissue present.  The more gruesome and traumatic the dream, the more pressing the matter the subconscious is urging the dreamer to address. 

Sometimes, losing teeth in a dream can seem completely normal and not be a frightening experience at all.  In such cases the dream might be the simple result of the dreamer having viewed a toothpaste commercial before falling asleep or some similar situation.  In any case, losing teeth is a very common dream theme and only the dreamer can truly get to the root of its meaning.