How Television Violence Affects Children

One of the problems about some television programs is that they have violent contents.  Even though violence has been part of the TV entertainment for decades, parents are still being careful selecting programs that are safe to watch.  Generally physical fights, weapons, and slapstick comedy are to blame for horse play. 


Weapons such as guns or knives are always known to injure or kill people.  They have been part of the TV entertainment for several decades now, which can enhance some excitement for even the most gruesome battle scenes.  Weapons can be seen in many “cowboy” shows or movies, or in some cartoons.  Often there would be scenes where characters display guns and shoot villains. 

Children who love to see weapons in TV shows can come up with their own shooting games, whether it is played indoors or outdoors.  They continue to use their imagination: Hands are used for guns, and children mimick gun sounds.  Games like Cops and Robbers can include some make-believe shooting. 

*Physical Fights

Action-oriented TV programs contain some type of activity which “good” characters blow punches, kick, throw villains against walls, and so forth.  On the other hand, children who like to watch action shows may very well kick and punch, too.  They pretend to be superheroes and super villains; therefore rough play awaits.  But sometimes playful fights can yield to injuries.  A boy who likes to kick another boy in his face may result in a bloody nose.  

*Slapstick Comedy

Programs that are comedic and contain slapstick scenes can be hilarious, but are sometimes dangerous.  Cartoons like Tom and Jerry fit the genre.  Some children who see characters bopping heads with baseball bats might perform that same action when they are playing.  Of course, injuries may result if they play too rough. 

*Explicit Language

There are some TV programs that contain explicit language.  Many so-called reality shows feature people using language that is inappropriate to use, especially for children.  If children hear an argument between two men on TV, and those two gentlemen throw bad words at each other, children might learn those same words and use them.  Then, if those youngsters become angry with their parents, they might use those same naughty words that were heard on television. 

Parents will need to be careful of what their children are watching on television.  If they become too soft and allow their youngsters see too much violence on TV, the children could misbehave at home, in school, or probably anywhere.