What it Means to Dream about being Naked

Dreams are often very direct in showing us to ourselves. One way that our dreams do this is to allow us to be naked within the public eye, in an inappropriate sense, or even feeling in a somewhat vulnerable state.

There are other less direct dreams that also connect to this same theme of being naked within your dream.

I myself in a lot of my own dreams am often dreaming that I am in a public place, or at my normal workplace in my pyjamas or dressing gown. This is similar type of a dream just to a slightly lesser degree.

Love is nakedly given when it is given solely only from itself. These types of dreams are simply showing you that you are not being fully yourself amongst others. They are exposing to you the false front that you portray in public. In dreams this falseness doesn’t wash, and you are left in public as you really are in life.

Naked to be you is as real to be you. This points out that nakedness is the original state of your being in God. All in all, life is about obtaining real wisdom not ever to just cover over this nakedness, but to now clothe it with God’s love living in you, and then being given out by you to all other souls.

Love is not naked in offending others, but it is naked in its raw power when given to you by God. God also is learning how love operates when stepped down into smaller parts of himself, and which can only initially channel a certain proportion of his power until they connect more strongly back to him, and stop from trying to operate only separately.

All life is about connection, and nakedness shows you the raw and beginning state of yourself that you must also accept before you can ever move past this, and build on it the real you within God.

A lot of dream interpreters, as well as psychologists tell us of the importance of our feelings.

How did we feel about being naked within our dream?

This aspect is indeed important, but it is more something that has happened after the event so to speak. A dream of nakedness is not simply to reveal to you your feelings around feeling naked.

Dreams always go deeper, below even the surface of these largely only held outer feelings, and yet these feelings will often still touch on the real underlying causes.

Maybe we are acting in our old ways too much, by following old ways of thinking, and behaving. Dreaming that we are naked might be the way that our higher self tries to break through this outer conditioning. It is probably far more likely that we will remember such a dream, and so then to take notice of it.

The methods that our higher self uses to get us to look at the way that we are behaving and perhaps ignoring it, are never often the direct message that we might readily interpret it to be. Our higher self must get past the normal interpretations that we associate with us being ourselves to show us our real self. We must be gotten past our social front that is restricting us from really showing who we really are.

Anything out of the ordinary like this is trying to show us how we are being restricted from our living under certain fears that possess us and prevent us from fully loving us as we are and being who we really are capable of being.

Fear makes us feel inadequate as we are. Being naked in a dream foreshadows a return and a step towards being our real self again. We want to be fully ourselves, even if this means exposing our own thoughts, and ways of being. We no longer want to only pretend to be someone else out of fear and by wearing the social outfits given to us by others to wear and to pretend that they are really us.

We want to be only our true selves in the entirety of our self. We want to see and be ourselves as we really are.

These meanings are attached to certain aspects of our personality and ego self and our dream shows us the parts that our higher self wants us to work on and to strengthen more from love, and so encouraging us not to continue in being this way from our fear.

On the other hand though, sometimes a dream is just a reflection of what has happened to us in the last few days.

If we had an incident at work for example and where we got carried away and said or did things that we were ashamed about later, this dream might just be showing us how deeply this incident really did affect us. We have been worried that we acted rashly and showed or revealed too much of how we really felt about the issue.

There is a fine line between being honest and revealing too much of ourselves to others, and overstepping the boundaries of others by pushing to forcefully our own person and ideas onto them. Sure we should always be ourselves, but we should never force someone else to see things only in our own way.

Sometimes things should be kept secret, and be for our own self only. Sharing too much our inner revelations can sometimes shake us into disbelief. We need a certain strength of our inner self to maintain our self as this same person under duress.

The dream of being naked might be showing us that we exposed our inner self to others before we actually thought that we really wanted to or were ready to. We fear openness and honest relating to others in our lives.

Seeing others naked in your dream could be about seeing through to the real person, and it is a message from your higher self telling you now to accept them more as they are instead of how they are only pretending to be. The other person also fears showing you their real self. Your dream is pointing this out to you in a way that you can readily see the naked truth behind.

Dreams of being naked show you how to see through to what your higher self is trying to show you.

Nakedness is a natural state that has become unnatural. We must return to nature by accepting ourselves as a part of nature and at the same time being only our own part of nature, and not hiding ourselves by being something other than what we are.

Symbols can either be representative of something else, or they can have a direct meaning sometimes

Symbols are representational of what is real and truth. On the other hand truth is never symbolic. Your higher self shows you your own truth with symbols in order for you to sit up and take notice. You ignore your own truths so much that they must be shown to you in a way that awakens you in ever new ways from jumpstarting a new direction of your perception which is currently stalled at a wall of fear.

Being naked in a dream shows you most starkly your own fears. It’s not a fear of nakedness, but watch carefully the other features of your dream. The nakedness is not the real and most powerful message being given to you from this dream. The nakedness is there only to get your attention. Look past the nakedness and see the whole picture of this dream for the underlying truth being shown to you now.

Before I complete this short article, I will give a simple example from one of my own dreams.

I was dreaming that I was at work. It’s morning tea time now. Some women have gathered around my desk, and are talking to each other. I walk outside to a nearby underground subway. I walk along looking at a few takeaway shops, and decide to buy myself a salad roll. I now notice that I am wearing my tracksuit pants, and my dressing gown.

I then take off the gown, and I see that I have a nice business shirt underneath that, but I am still ashamed to be wearing my tracksuit pants. I even think to myself now that at lunchtime I will buy some proper business pants to wear.

Living as you, you always become noticed for who you are being. Only some will recognise you as you. Others will try to take advantage of you in some way. Be you always anyway, and follow yourself to give of yourself from yourself and not from your fear.

In life you possess a physical body which represents you. You also have other bodies, such as your emotional and mental bodies. Wearing a dressing gown in my dream depicts these outer coverings that I are often ashamed about. They of course reflect the inner me not wanting to accept myself from holding onto my fears.

We need to love ourselves more to understand that our outer body is matched to our inner self by our higher self to help you reveal yourself to yourself. Love everything about yourself both in your life, and in your dreams. See yourself as the hero and never disparage or negatively assess any part of your life or your dreams.

Everything comes to you from love to show you a new aspect of itself that you are currently holding back from on learning about. This is often because of your underlying fears acquired usually through karmic relationships with your parents in your childhood years.

Dreams reveal then your inner self exactly as it is to you. Sometimes in a dream being naked is a sign that you need to listen more to this inner self and not just look at the fears from feeling too exposed in your life coming to you from your not being the real you.