Psychology Adult Temper Tantrums

One of the funniest things you will ever see is an adult having a temper tantrum. You would think that these brief emotional outbursts would end upon graduation from kindergarten, yet some adults think that letting it all out in the open is going to allow them to have their way with things. However, there are reasons why some adults might feel like there are good reasons to have a rant, and have a temper tantrum in the middle of the public square.

Sometimes adults will have temper tantrums simply because they are trying to get a point across. Maybe they feel as if they have been wronged, and that no one is listening. Maybe they feel like they have been trying to get a point across to someone, and the other person simply isn’t getting what they are saying. It could be that they have tried to use their indoor voices, but that it was all to no avail.

Is an adult temper tantrum really the same thing as a child’s temper tantrum? Well, in the way that they are often delivered they can look just like a temper tantrum that a child might have. However, as immature as it might seem to have an emotional outburst, I would like to think that an adult would have some reason to break down in the middle of the supermarket, or in a press conference.

A child wants the blue ball, and so they are going to get the blue ball through any means necessary. However, if an adult wants something, they often will put in the time, and the hard work that is needed to get what they want. Usually a temper tantrum occurs because of after all that hard work, and sacrificing, they cannot have what they have worked so hard for.

In some ways I can understand why some people might go crazy all of a sudden. It doesn’t make it right all of the time, and I have had people go crazy over the costs of tuna fish, which is simply unacceptable. However, I think most adults will have temper tantrums simply because of other issues, as opposed to it simply being that they think yelling and screaming is going to get them anything but a big weight off their chest.

Adults don’t have temper tantrums the same way that kids do, or at least most adults don’t. It may seem silly to get all mad, and think it is going to help, but some do think that they have only that option to resort to. It doesn’t always make sense, but there are reasons I am sure as to why adults go to this level of behavior.