What is Synchronicity

Synchronicity is the recognition of the perfect love that is always working perfectly within your life, and within all of our lives. Everything happens, always connected together by this love. All is synchronic, and all is infinitely working together for love, within God’s overall oneness.

Perfect love always works within all of our lives to bring about perfect experiences for us to be able to have the perfect opportunity to learn about it from.

I will give an example of how synchronicity works, from my own life.

Several years ago, I was working for a rather large company, that was actively retrenching their staff. I too was a little unsure about my own future there, and I was more than a little worried, about it all, and about what my own future there, would be.

One Saturday morning, my wife and I went out for a drive, and without really thinking too much, about where we were going to.

On the way home again, we made a wrong turning into a busy road, and then we saw a small bookshop, sitting there amongst a group of other shops. We stopped, and we went inside.

There was an old man standing there behind the counter. Nobody else was inside his shop, at that time.

For some strange reason, I went up to the guy, and I asked him, right off the top of my head,

” Is your shop for sale? ”

There were no signs anywhere in this shop to give me this impression at all, and to this day, I still do not know why I got it into my head to ask him this peculiar question.

Anyway, he said,

” Yes. ”

Just as quickly, I instantly replied to him,

” Well, I’ll buy it. ”

Only one short week later, I had taken a redundancy package, and I was working proudly in this second hand bookshop, as its new owner.

This story has a lot of other parts to it of course, that only ever added to the perfection of the love, that was working so perfectly for both of us, on that particular day, and as it is on all days.

This poor man, unbeknown yet to himself, only had a few more short months to live upon this Earth. He was an old English gentleman, and the money that I gave him for his business, enabled him to take a trip home again to England. This was the first trip back home that he had taken, in over forty years, of his trading in the book business, here in Australia.

When he returned back to Australia, it was discovered and perhaps too late now, that he had a stomach cancer. Three months later, he was gone.

Our outer reality conveys to us the inner truths of love.

Our life is a reflection of our consciousness, and yet it is this platform of consciousness that allows us to interpret the whispers coming to us from love, that are always present within our life, to help, and to guide us.

This is what synchronicity is. It is a connection of consciousness to love.

When we recognize this unbreakable connection to love, we will see the synchronicity that is always working for us, at all times, in connecting God’s love, to our consciousness.

Nothing happens by coincidence, or by chance. All is part of the perfect workings of love. Everything communicates its message to us.

Thinking synchronistically allows us to read, and to take notice of love’s messages, that are constantly coming to us from God, and are being given to our soul.

The truth lives in all people, and it is the truth of love. The amount of this truth that you can see as operating within them, reflects the amount of truth, that you are currently operating from yourself.

We do not see exactly the same truth that these others are living from, we simply see the amount of truth within them that our own current conscious recognition allows for. This is why we cannot always see the synchronistic connections that are always present, within every life experience.

Truth and every other soul exist as well as you existing, but what you see as existing, reflects the conscious awareness ability of your own soul, as it is being linked to you, to allow you the chance to also learn from its current position of understanding of your own truths of love, that are residing within you as you. We all have certain individualised truths that have been placed within us as gifts from God for us to learn to live from within this particular lifetime.

The wisdom eyes of soul, are opened from connecting to the truth and to the love in others, and this opens you more to yourself, enabling you also to be able to see more.

Nothing only ever goes one way. Your current viewing of truth is reflected outside of you, but the outside can also awaken you to an even greater inner viewing of it, but only if you stop limiting yourself to only seeing as you currently do, and if you just try to see always, from the greater, all seeing eyes of love.

This stretches you rather than limiting you, and so you see more and more, and even more, of what you are not currently seeing. Love becomes then more visible, by you wanting to see more, and by your first trusting of it, that it is always actually there. This then opens you up further to be able to see these synchronistic connections now even more, as you realise the truth, that love always opens all of its doors for you, and that each new door is always synchronistically connected to the rest of your life, and indeed, to all other life.

Synchronicity is of course just a term that was coined by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung to denote a meaningful coincidence. Thinking synchronistically highlights similarities to us, by allowing the vibrational connection of love to resonate more deeply within us, and so to give it then, a much better chance to be noticed by us.
Synchronicity like love, works outside of the effects of karma, or of the laws of cause and effect.

Love has nothing attached to it, except for God’s truth that is reflecting to us from within God’s mirror of love, or shining at us, from its surface, the ” infinacy ” of God’s oneness. Synchronicity simply allows for the truths to be threaded together in such a way, that we can then better see the divine hand of God working purposefully for us, as it always does.

This conscious recognition, allows God’s love to become consciously better recognised within his own parts, by them allowing his love to connect from them back again to God, and also to all of the other parts of his love, or to all other souls. This synchronistically always happens of course, but it is up to the freedom of each soul to first allow themselves to see this, and then to allow it to actually take place and to happen, and so to stop themselves from blocking, or resisting it all from happening. When we block the flow of God’s love, we can only ever block it, with our own fears.