What is an Ego

What is an ego? Is this an apt description of some part of our soul or not?

An ego is the out-posted sentry of the soul that lives within the body attached to our mind on one side, and to the heart on the other. The ego can control both, or it can be controlled by our soul, and so serve both our heart, and our mind.

An inflated ego is full of emotional fear that has never been released being held. These fears are hidden within our unconsciously held beliefs and thoughts that we think we have already let go of, but that are still running us. This is because we unconsciously believe in them as our own truths, when in fact they are nothing but untruths, created from false beliefs, based on our fear

Consciousness, love and ego already co-exist all within our soul, within God.

What use is our ego?

The real question really is then, can our consciousness grow and expand itself, in spite of our ego? Does the optimum state for our consciousness to grow in, include our ego? Could it grow more quickly or efficiently without the ego, or does the ego actually help consciousness to expand, and to grow itself?

Consciousness is a state that allows the owner of their state to become more aware that their state is more than just a state. The way that you do this is in seeing other things from love, and by knowing that you exist within something else. God’s consciousness is alive when he loves, and God brought a newer approach to his loving, when he created souls within himself.

The movement of these souls, utilising God’s love that is within himself, brought this consciousness to life in a way that allowed God himself to share in it.

God was conscious of himself before of course, as he has always known that he himself existed, but consciousness is more a reflective ability of itself to grow into greater awareness of its own position in relationship to its vehicle. God also grows in consciousness of his own ability, by establishing a record of the truths that are living within himself within each soul’s recordings of its own experiences with love.

Love is simply consciousness, remembering its own truths.

Can consciousness and ego coexist together. What is the proper function of ego in regards to consciousness, anyway?

Knowing that the ego rests within a pool of consciousness to even be alive, allows us to know that the ego could not operate outside of consciousness. The ego is simply that part of our personality that connects to consciousness in a way that allows that consciousness to reassess its own position in the life of that vehicle for it, in relation to the energy of God’s love.

Consciousness carries its own ability to be awarely influenced by an example of love exciting it into action, because love is responsible for consciousness, and which mirrors love by simply reflecting love’s truth to a created mirror, that then can be held by a vehicle of love to see these truths within.

This mirror is our consciousness, and which our ego holds in order to see its own soul’s reflection consciously being displayed back to it from within, from our soul’s life of living within its experiences with God’s love.

The ego often likes what it sees, and at first it thinks that it sees only itself, and until this liking can be lessened by enough awareness replacing the ego’s reactive responses, the ego will hamper the displaying of consciousness in such a way that it also contracts or restricts its expansion within its vehicle.

Our soul, in this regard, and in this circumstance, is being hampered or restricted by its ego.

An ego is a construction of our own soul’s making, and that is a sort of a built up image of our outer life.

It is first created for us when we are first born, and if we do not recognise what is happening, it takes us right over, and it will then control the direction of our life. Soul is a construction of God’s, and soul will guide you from its position within God by following his love, and faithfully living in the service of God’s wishes for you, and not from only just following your own created ego’s wants.

Our ego lessens our awareness when it listens to the voice of fear. Weakness always comes from a lack of perceived love. You do not think that you have the outer strength, to live from your inner strength, or from love. Your outer character, personality, ego and attitude all are weakened because of this fear.

Fear is the weakener, love is the strengthener.

As consciousness grows, the ego’s position is threatened, and initially our fears and doubts might increase, but if we are aware of what is really happening, this will then give us greater insight still, and our consciousness will finally take an almighty leap past our ego, to reach the unassailable position of enlightenment.

Our ego serves us then at this stage, by playing the part of a sentry for our feelings, and emotions, and warning us about how we are feeling, thus helping us to let go of these feelings, rather than to multiply their effects by allowing them to energise our egos, and so growing our ego in opposition to our realer growth, that is endeavouring to take place within consciousness.

The previous role of our ego’s when it was controlling us like this, hampered our development, until we could eventually see past all of its tricks, and to see how love was really the instigator of every life experience, and how a lesson from love was always included, within each and every such experience.

When we see only love, our consciousness expands in the best possible way, because as I have said above, our consciousness is the direct product that is resulting from our loving.

We are as conscious, as we are loving, and as loving as we are conscious. Consciousness arises from our loving. Consciousness is a field that arises from the movement of love loving, in a similar way to which a magnetic field is created from an electrical current flowing.

We can use our ego when needed, but keep it in the background of our conscious connection to love rather than to fear. In this way our ego can exist right alongside of our consciousness, as a tool that works for us and not against us, in helping us to fully experience all aspects of an experience with love.

Our ego is like a prism that splits love into the many facets of itself. For a moment we see fear, and in another moment sadness, then happiness, and in the next anger, and we realise then that all emotions are all contained within love, and can be displayed momentarily within us, by love loving.

Have I answered the question what is an ego?

In summary then, our ego is a helper when we do not allow ourselves to be controlled by it, in a way that blocks our access to our higher self, or to our soul. When we are controlled by our ego, there is a sort of sequential memory loss that has been brought into place by an undying ego.

The ego drives the memory to bypass the conscious mind, so that you respond without really thinking, or first allowing your heart to monitor your activity from its viewing platform of love.

It is our ego that causes us to doubt, and to not trust our own real self, or our soul. True responsibility involves us maintaining a strong faith, so that none of God’s love will be ever lost by slipping between the gaps of doubt and self doubts being held within our mind.

The ego doesn’t doubt itself, but it feels a certain self power gained in its self aggrandising of its own wants that are born more from a pride in itself, rather than in acquiescing or knuckling down into a humble acceptance of its true position in serving your soul in its role.

Our ego acts as a highlighter that goes through our thoughts, and attaches emotional energy to them.

If it stopped at that, it would be doing its job, but when it then wants to follow these thoughts, and bypass our intuitive input coming to us from our own soul, it embellishes its position by usurping the running of our life, and which only ever then brings us a load of trouble, resulting in more upsetting emotional turmoil, existing in our life.

Our ego is meant to serve our soul, by identifying areas of exaggerated emotion, and so allowing us to monitor this from our soul, to enable us to grow within a greater awareness of how emotions are all still a part of love, and that we just need to better understand.

Life is all just a series of experiences with love, that builds within us an understanding of love, and how it works in us, in being us. This leads us to acquiring inner and outer wisdom, and so we begin to apply our own truths in our lives, in the best possible way, through loving in the best possible way, that we currently know how to do.