Understanding Universal Law

Universal Laws, do they exist and how did they come about? Is there really a Law of Coincidence? Is there really unseen forces or other spiritual laws at work controlling or directing us in some way? For example the Law of Karma. In the end do we have total freedom or is it only a partial freedom because of these outside influences that really take some freedom away from us? This is because we couldn’t be totally free if unseen forces or Laws are controlling us but perhaps could still be free if they only guide or direct us.

This is a huge topic, and controversial amongst philosophers. Are we free? Is even God totally free? Does total freedom exist? No, total freedom could only exist in a vacuum of nothing. When anything exists, everything will interact and influence and connect to other things around it and even not around it, as everything influences and affects every other thing in creation. This is the Law of Similarities which states when anything is created it will affect all similar things in a larger way and smaller things more smally but absolutely everything else in some small way. The application of this law is brought about by the Law of Attraction which tends to aggregate and bring similar things together to effect each other more. So like will build upon like and grow bigger as a result. The freedom is then restricted by every other connection and creation. There is no such thing as a total and utmost freedom. The laws of the universe come into being by the Law of Attraction or its greater counterpart the law of Vibration. Upon creation everything will resonate with its own free vibration which at the beginning is unique, uniquely different and a different level and frequency than everything else. Your cosmic finger print is your own vibration. The more you can return to your own vibration and to live from your own unique creative frequency without being changed to vibrate faster slower or even for longer beats so to speak the freer you remain. Being your real self is always the most freeing thing you can do for yourself. But in creation as I said everything else will affect you, coincidences will arise and be drawn to you as you vibrate at a level that attracts the sequence of events that will allow you to grow uniquely more in your consciousness level. So at the start you are created with a unique frequency or vibration. Consciousness then attaches and grows out from this and builds and grows but your initial frequency or vibration always remains the same. When you totally relax you always return to this vibration and it always connects you to yourself and to the creator of your vibration, God who is the only one that vibrates at all levels and so when you vibrate at your own level, it is then you match the vibration in God that he has assigned to you and so you talk and communicate and resonate and connect to God more directly and easily. Consciousness levels are an attachment like a body that your vibration level or soul takes on and allows it to experience it, its own vibration or frequency being broadcast and played out through consciousness. This allows growth of soul which is separate from the vibration but the vibration is part of it and its unique fingerprint as I have said. So the sequence of life is that souls were part of God always but not alive to him as they were like cells that are functioning behind the scenes unconsciously and they were all the same at that stage all one and part of God himself. God then took a soul and gave it a unique spin on life, a unique vibrational frequency and so an aware soul was created that could then go out to live and learn from experiences created by itself drawing similar frequencies to it at first thereby creating karmic ties and links to it. From there all else developed and the laws came into existence so that soul could operate without chaotic confusion but by a blending and coming together of similarities.

I just got interrupted by a phone call. A tradesperson wanted to come earlier than expected which means that if I wanted to walk my dog before he came I had to leave now. So I did and it’s now a half hour later. Is this an example of coincidence, or of the Law of Attraction or anything really? I believe that if a law operates on one level it must work on all levels, even on small incidents such as this. Am I right or is there some laws only operating on a macro level and not on a micro level where perhaps another law takes over. What is the truth here please?

To continue with what I was saying the laws are not really so much laws as they are descriptions of similarities brought about by like vibrations coming together and creating effects and coincidences that appear to be law because they are attracted by the similar vibration of the soul or its consciousness. A soul as it grows can actually use its consciousness and all consciousness to create its own vibration to add to its unique vibration and so attract to it what it can from the newly created level of consciousness or vibration. This is how the Law of Attraction appears to give you what you want. But it’s not doing so. You are the one that creates the vibration which allows the like vibration to come to you. Laws are just laws, which came first the law or the observance of the way things are? The law is more an agreement between souls at similar vibrations so that they will operate in unison and the most effectively by allowing interactions on an agreed level. All agreement is part of karma of course, so creates this law as part of it. So to remove confusion, first God, then soul, then soul was caused to vibrate, which created the Law of Similarities which occurs when anything of similar vibration comes close to another like vibration and from there all other laws developed from agreement and growth of consciousness and of wanting to achieve a mutual love and understanding of truth. The individual souls were given a unique vibration so they could have unique experiences and then give a unique contribution back to God and to all others. This is so and it allows freedom to be viewed more as uniqueness than a real freedom which is always really limited by God himself and by the agreements and laws we have created to achieve a cooperative and progressive conglomeration of knowledge and shared wisdom through shared experience.

Hard to follow, only because unseen forces and Universal Laws are operating. If they weren’t we would be God himself or we wouldn’t know that we were soul as we would be without any awareness. Unseen forces and Universal Laws outside of us bring experience and awareness, love and connection and really give life and freedom solely because without them there would be no life and no freedom. Essentially though in truth the forces are not unseen as we ourselves have created them and the Universal Laws are our own Laws that we too have created and agreed to follow as us, soul.