Understanding Universal Law

The Big Picture
(As seen by an amoeba)

So as it turned out, the kid never did know what happened to him. He never even got to imagine that he had a role in the events that were soon to transpire.
Slick Nick’ had all the marbles and he wasn’t sharing. Too bad about the kid though, he had promise.so many of them did.
Those in the know say that to lose a child is the most agonizing thing a parent can ever go through.
Now just try to imagine having all three of your kids murdered savagely at the same time.
Along with your wife and parents (and a few neighbors for good measure). Don’t you think such an event might have a somewhat negative effect on your state of mind?

Flash. It will seem odd but stay tuned for the next exciting event..because diversity in creation can give thanks for its existence, to the unique nature of a creativity of infinite resourcefulness.

Call it serendipity if you would like but I prefer the whimsical nature of the Chaos Theory. Anything that can be, will not only be; but is (in fact), the actual right here-and the right now! And it even exists all around, within, after and before. You know, the time and space thing that everyone has such hysterics about…only much more.
This discourse then; becomes the improbable and certainly illogical (from a certain point of view); attempt to introduce others to some extraordinary possibilities-if only a part of our theories, be only a part of the truth. (You get the idea).
I may just decide to vanish and reappear in one of the multitude of possible other dimensions or whatever (in loyal accordance with recent ideas about the two slit, wave-particle, Calabi-Yau manifolds and the associated quantum whatnots.
Somehow though I always come back to where I started. If only to gloat!
And that brings me to the main route we are to explore here. That is, the apparent, striking similarity linking this chaotic, “bulbic” cosmic and apparent’ reality- to our very own intellect.
They seem to be mirror images of each other and have in some way organized from the chaos into that which we call consciousness. It seems equally plausible that, That Which Is, All That Is’ may well be considered a consciousness but one that we can only vaguely begin to comprehend. If this is so, I’d expect our minds to likely be of similar organization even if we are describing the infinitesimally small.

Not to go too far astray but a few guidelines may ease navigation through the following labyrinth. Keep in mind that every part of this discourse is
choreographed with a sense of the Mobius Strip as the possible condition of our perceived existence…
Also, it is as a simpleton I dare to try to communicate any sense of real knowledge. In my defense I seem to be endowed with the facility for embracing the big picture, despite the ongoing internal chaotic processes going on simultaneously.
In respect to that distinction it seems worthy to use a more familiar form of language. Especially since any suggestion of pretentiousness or self-importance would be a real poor depiction of my acknowledged and very limited talent or abilities. I do however; see no need not to take advantage of our language as best taught.