Understanding Universal Law

Why have scientists never considered this (following) very important fact on global warming? Is it because sometimes people cannot see the forest for all the trees?

How can a chart that Al Gore produced prove anything? The time span involved and the statistics’ he used does not prove anything to me.
How can the melting of the Arctic/Antarctic ice caps be due to human air pollution so far from the polluters?
There’s no denying that there’s at present a noticeable warming of the atmosphere; but I do not agree, repeat “do not agree”, with any of the notable scientists (Al Gore included) that declare this occurrence is due to anthropogenic activities derived from human activities/abuse of the air and environment.

Scientists have been wrong before don’t forget that and will be again. We hear all the time of incidents where something was later retracted when more empirical data became known.
Humans have been, and still are, polluting the air and environment, with the consent of our governments. However, this sort of human pollution is NOT RESPONSIBLE for the warming of the atmosphere as I see it.

The only thing that is responsible for the warming of the atmosphere is cosmic entropy and its consequences, and as it is nearing a very critical point certain consequences are accompanying factors – such as weather turbulence.

The reason why the Ozone layer has a hole over the Arctic and Antarctic is because of the decay of organisms on earth. It’s said more than 47,000 animal species are on the extinction list and I don’t know if that list includes any human species.

A female writer’s contribution to Helium said: “Energy must have existed before the big bang because the inherent properties of energy show that it cannot appear or be made from nothing and neither can it cease to be. It’s continual, without beginning or end.” I agree with her on this point.

It’s cosmic entropy which keeps energy moving in cycles in order to produce something on earth, and since entropy is not reversible the only way it can recharge the earth when it is depleted of cosmic energy is by means of a big crunch and to a new big bang again when the restoration of energy has been finished thus completing a cosmic cycle.

This is how it functions:
When organisms decay (and all organisms contain some CO2) a distinct amount of energy is released into the atmosphere, keeping in mind energy is converted from one form to another. This energy always moves toward the cold. Presently, and on account of the vast amounts of dieing and decaying organisms in the plant-, animal- and underwater world, there’s collectively a great amount of energy in the air from the released energy of these decaying organisms which moves toward one or the other of the two coldest places on the globe – the Arctic and Antarctic as heat (and energy implies heat) always moves toward the cold. This trend will increase the closer entropy reaches equilibrium. Since this vast amount of energy being released is attracted to the still colder region of the cosmos it penetrates the Ozone layers – creating holes in the process. Hence, the melting of the Arctic and Antarctic caps is due to the energy given off by decaying organisms that is collectively moving to those regions and for that reason the energy over the poles is melting the ice caps – not because of human activities causing air pollution from factories, airplanes and cars. The man-made air pollution is dangerous to all life, particularly near these regions where pollution occurs heaviest, and those responsible have to get a handle on it as it endangers the quality of life.
Cosmic entropy transfers energy from one form to another, a Principle of Conservation of Energy. At creation planet earth is charged up with a certain amount of cosmic energy in order to produce food for life. This cosmic energy is transferred back via entropy to a certain collection point in the cosmos. All organic matter possesses cosmic energy and when an organism decomposes the energy is released into the air. Entropy is an irreversible process and is responsible for the present havoc with our weather as it is nearing a point of equilibrium. So, what might look like a humanly-created problem is really a natural occurrence that nobody can stop. A change in agricultural yields is a definite sign that the earth has not enough energy anymore to produce enough food for a population that has exploded. Hence, nature will create its own balance. Once cosmic entropy has reached equilibrium global warming will come to a halt and the temperatures will normalize though the temperatures after that during the next thousand years will drop since we’re heading toward another ice age at the end of each cosmic cycle which operates in 7000-year cycles, at which time it collapses and turns into a black hole.

Thus each cycle covers all three laws of Thermodynamics. After our solar system has been regenerated a new cycle will start with a new creation. Hence, Special Creation and Evolution are quite reconcilable.

Maybe the a/m writer can now better understand the process when she said: “All the conditions needed were somehow in place perfectly and the timing was entirely accurate. The odds against it occurring and bringing our universe into being are phenomenal! I suggest that a type of intelligent energy was required in order for an explosive big bang to cause such perfection and order.” I totally agree with the writer.

Scientists are very much like medical doctors. They treat and analyze SYMPTOMS. However, as it is all phenomena have a serious cause and effect which is not quite so easily observable. However, as it is when the cause is not understood the symptoms cannot be treated and the body expected to get healed. The dialogue coming from the candidates in the US presidential campaign is a good example, and for that reason they’ll NOT be able to make a change in the present demise of the American economy. They’re always saying what they’ll do when elected, yet they forget we live in a human community where everybody has to do their fair share of contribution as one person alone will never be able to do it; hence, everything will remain the same at the existing state of affairs – status quo. That’s why it’s said: The ruler that rules the least is the best ruler. Needless to say, in this state all the players perform their assigned part correctly and police each other to help the state.

Also, if the Bible is the book of truths we cannot ignore certain passages, i.e. “No one knows about that day (of the Lord) or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” (Matthew 24:36) This day will coincide when equilibrium takes place a principle of entropy per Uncertainty Principle. And, “I took the little scroll from the angel’s hand and ate it. It tasted as sweet as honey in my mouth, (when he learned of the coming paradise) but when I had eaten it, my stomach turned sour. Then I was told, “You must prophesy again about many peoples, nations, languages and kings (in the next creation).” (Revelation 10:10-11) At Ecclesiastes 3:2-9 it lists some opposing concepts that man has to live through in order to experience both sides of the coin. At verse 6 it says: “a time to search and a time to give up.” I think we’ve reached that point where we should give up further research with genomes and space travel and be ahead of the game because I think it can only be to our detriment if scientists persist. This might scare some people but we need to accept what we cannot change, and change what we can. Please read also my other Helium contributions.