What is Global Warming

Is Global Warming or Global Pollution the Issue?

The news heard everywhere these days mentions “Global Warming”, sometimes more than once per telecast. Our top environmental scientists are in agreement that the earth is experiencing a warming period. Are they forgetting a key point?

Everyone seems in agreement and meteorologists have been displaying records that show January, 2007 to be the warmest month since records have been recorded and that some recent years have experienced their highest average recorded temperatures. Well, some of the most highly respected meteorological experts say that the earth has witnessed similar periods in the past. Other, equally prominent scientists claim that this “climatic coincidence” has been grossly exaggerated. Some proponents of Global Warming say we have a very short time to reverse the status quo, if that is even possible. No matter the truth of the dilemma, what about the pollution of all of the earth that is now coming to a point where it may cause much greater harm to the survival of our (human) species than the theoretical damage of this warming trend.

Is Global Pollution The Real Issue?

In the past few years, we have been told by our government and some medical experts alike, that many of the fish in our oceans and especially in our lakes and streams contain very high levels of mercury and CFL pollutants and that we should refrain from eating fish more than 2 or 3 times a week, especially those of us who might be pregnant or are planning to have children and that some species of fish such as swordfish, even less frequently. Knowing one thing, that we all have been taught for many years that, fish in general, contains very large quantities of Omega 3 oils which many expert nutritionists agree are a must in the human diet for optimal body function. Some parents decades ago made sure that their young children were given ” cod liver oil “and ate fish for this simple purpose, as their pediatricians would generally recommend. This does not require any advanced “rocket science”as it does to research whether global warming is real or not. Pollution is also inherent within all of our soils and the air we breath. It should have by now become “simple” common sense that if we let the pollution of our world continue…we will not be around to see the results of this “inconvenient truth”.

Then What Should “The World” Do?

First, we must deal with the “root” of the issue,i.e., the basic cause of pollution, in general. Promote and fund the use of only Renewable sources of energy and cut back on the continued large scale use of fossil fuel sources, such as oil and coal. Unless we all work toward using less energy in the normal processes in living and performing all of our chores and in the manufacturing of products useful in our lives, we will quickly see the deterioration of human as well as other species upon this planet. One might then ask, what can the individual do? A simple thing like replacing a light bulb from incandescent to CFL, thus decreasing the energy use by a factor of four for that one light bulb will certainly begin the long climb back to a more unpolluted society. Of course, it will require a “Global” effort and not just the dedicated action of a single nation or continent.