What is Avoidance Defense Mechanism

When is the last time you avoided an uncomfortable situation? This could have been at work or social event with friends. From time to time, we all do this, however when avoidance becomes the center of our lives, it is a problem. Depending on how a person grew up and the experience they went through, they will have a higher chance of developing an avoidance issue.

Some people had great social experiences and some people did not. Depending on how a person deals with the situation at hand, they will either avoid or confront their obstacles.

What is avoidance?

Avoidance has two spectrum’s. On one hand it can be seen as a defense mechanism used to evade difficult circumstances from time to time, and then there is another level. It can be seen as a disorder. There is in fact an avoidance disorder that is characterised by convincing patterns of interpersonal reticence, feelings of insufficiency,intense sensitivity to negative assessment and evasion of social contact. People with this illness perceive themselves as being socially undesirable. It is there self perception that often determines their social outcome. The fear of rejection, judgement and criticism often feeds this problem.

In evasion, we basically seek ways of getting around having to face challenging situations, things or happenings. The discomfort, for instance may come from unaware lustful or intense instincts.

A person that suffers from avoidance disorder displays these symptoms.

1- Evades work related activities that entail prominent personal interaction, because of anxieties of rejection, judgement and criticism.

2- Is not willing to get involved with individuals unless they are guaranteed to be liked.

3- Demonstrates resistence starting personal connections because of the fear if being mocked, ashamed, or rejected due to intense low self esteem.

4- They are consumed with being criticized or rejected in social encounters

5- Is limited in new social situations because of sensations of inadequacy.

6- Perceives self as socially unattractive , unappealing to anyone, or below others

7- This person is usually resistant to taking personal chances or to engage in any fresh activities because they may prove embarrassing

Avoidance may entail taking oneself physically from a happening. It may also entail seeking ways not to talk about or even think about the topic in thought. The key to dealing with avoidance in general is getting to the root of the illness. As I mentioned before, a person’s personal view affects how they deal with personal situations. A person must develop confidence in themselves before conquering this problem.

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