Intellectualization what is Intellectualisation

Intellectualising and philosophizing too much, or even just thinking about something too much, and not acting from complete love in any situation is usually related in some way to our fears. It is a sort of a defence mechanism being constructed by our ego to try to help us to overcome our fears by now trying to rationalise them all away.

This never works, and so we go on and on repeating this same endless thinking and intellectualising and never really knowing why we are doing it. Intellectualising becomes a habit that we then just indulge in without realising that it is moving us away from a full life of only living in our heart, and from living there from the full love of our own soul.

This excessive and compulsive thinking about things is an aspect of the mental body. The lower bodies are all in a way constructed from love to enable your soul to be able to experience levels of less than perfect love, sometimes from fear, or from our thinking, or from our other emotions.

This is done so that love can begin to know itself from experiential knowing based on all of the different aspects of itself. Thinking too much becomes negative when it is unbalancing you by keeping your focus locked into only this one aspect of yourself, and so ignoring all of the other areas of you, such as your feelings. Any overconcentration in one direction or in one area of your life like this is taking you further away from love than what you need to go within the actual experience sent to you to learn more about love.

All experiences in order to get the most out of them, should remain balanced in all of their aspects and should involve receiving input from all parts of you. When your thinking becomes excessively inputted it then tends to overshadow all else.

Unbalanced action resulting from this type of over thinking becomes distorted within itself. It is now no longer just an experience of balanced love, but more an experience only of thinking. This comes about from repeating the same old continuing patterns of intellectualised thinking repeatedly and these thoughts are only being based around constructing false defences against the fears that you are feeling.

An experience only needs to be gone through once when it is a balanced experience. It is possible then for all aspects of the experience to be learnt fully from all parts of you. When only one part tries to do all of the learning for you, you will often then need to repeat the lesson now again.

It will need to be re-experienced from all of the other aspects of you, such as from your emotional body, rather than from only the intellectual part of you. An experience must include all aspects of love coming from each of your bodies to completely balance the learning and to grow it fully into wisdom rather than just leaving it as an intellectual learning or mental knowing.

Intellectualising is a type of arrogant approach to try to force understanding in a way that can never be achieved. Only deep insight originating from your heart of love can ever bring you real understanding of any kind.

Reasoning can never alleviate your stress or strained conflicting thinking. Intellectualising is a defence that only defends you against knowing your real self. It moves you away from your self when love brings you closer to your self. It is a strategy of avoidance, and when followed will stop you from hearing the true voice of your soul because of all this constant chattering going on within your mind trying to prove something that can never be proven.

Intellectualising tries to prove that a problem doesn’t exist by trying to rationalise it all away.

Intellectualisation in its arrogant stance can never see what needs to be seen only from humility. It’s approach is one only of self interest, when what is needed is an openness to an intuitional trusting of love and which can never be known from the intellect, but must be felt only ever simply and innocently with a pure faith that comes only from within the loving heart.

Intellectualisation only ever complicates the simple truth while wasting valuable time on the useless pursuit of trying to change what can not be changed and by pretending that there was never a problem. It achieves this by over analysing the problem all away, or by rationalising it away, or by reconstructing it in an abstract and intellectual philosophical way that loses the connection to the real truth. You never then connect to the psychological or spiritual insights that are coming to you and which are contained within all of your dreams and each one of your life experiences.

Intellectualising moves you further away from yourself and rather than committing you to finding your real and true self, it holds on too strongly to an intellectual philosophical stance, and so love never then gets the chance to become real in you to you.

Intellect will take you only to intellect, and to endless circular arguing. Love takes you to the next step never to be found when only intellectualising about what needs to be found. This step can not be taken by thinking or reasoning it out, but only by jumping to it by feeling the love that is bringing it to you from the God part of you that is in you.

Intellectualisation is a constructed boundary created from our inner fears that constrict us rather than expand us to the heights of spiritual truth. These truths can only be known entirely from insights obtained from a connective linkage to real love.

Intellectualisation reasons such insights out of existence by the detailed over examining and in depth analysis of all of the dissected individual parts without ever seeing or connecting to the whole complete or bigger picture. The whole is bigger that what the sum of its parts can ever show you. It has to be grasped from love not from the intellect. Love sees the whole picture that intellect only sees small parts of one part at a time.

This bigger picture resonates in you from love and this vibrationary realness can never be felt or seen by the intellect, which rather fears what it can’t explain, and only tries to therefore intellectualise it all away as not being real or ever being rationally explainable.

What it can’t explain it intellectualises away as not existing. Intellectualisation is the path of the blind trying to lead the blind. Only love feels this blindness and tries to open your eyes to seeing its real realness.