Are we inner or Outer Directed

This article will discuss inner and outer direction.

I will argue the case that if all is only oneness, then any inner or outer direction must only ever just be a label that we ourselves have placed on an illusion of our own construction. This is only a false idea that we ourselves have created in order to facilitate our own growth within the overall oneness.

I have read these thoughts somewhere in my own reading.

”What ever is going on within your true inner Self, that is your real Truth.”

and this one from a self made enlightened master.

“Consciousness is the sole composition of any thing.”

Quoted from Lester Levenson from his great and inspiring book, The Ultimate Truth.

Well this is not entirely true though, is it, I thought to myself upon reading it over again in my own mind?

Consciousness is really the composition of nothing.

It is more just an energy state that things can reach or tap into, isn’t it?

Love is the sole composition of everything, I answered myself. He just used an incorrect, or just a less incomplete and all encompassing descriptive word.

God is love. All is love. Consciousness only arises from love loving. It is a created field that sort of surrounds love, a bit like a magnetic field surrounds a moving electrical current. Consciousness is only created from love flowing though parts of the oneness, and then these parts can tap into this created consciousness to see themselves awarely for the first time.

Consciousness describes simply the various states of getting to know love from consciousness.

What is consciousness?

Consciousness is only a vehicle of energetic emotional force that combines with the mind on the lower planes to provide experiences that are remembered and encoded into your soul via an energy imprint of contributing love that then becomes a part of the overall oneness as well.

Accepting your own growth is the only way to grow further.

If we can only grow from taking the inner journey, why is there an outer experiential path as well? What is wrong with trying to find ourselves on the outer?

If there is only oneness, we can find ourselves absolutely anywhere.

It is always more about balance, and seeing the inner growth that is showing from and in our outer experiences, and in the way that we handle ourselves both outwardly and inwardly.

Our inner growth matches our outer experience as long as our outer experience reflects our inner growth.

Love or oneness exists in all aspects of both the inner and the outer, and yes it is true that you can find yourself in all things, because there are no other things really existing, except for the oneness that you already are, and which you are also a part of, only because of your outer form.

Actually it is a little known truth that even your soul is a form of outer body to God. The only real inner self is God itself, or the oneness. Any separation is always moving you to the outer circles of the inner oneness so to speak. In the oneness though there is only ever oneness. No inner or outer really ever exists. All is only ever oneness in its oneness.

I had a recent dream that shows us how the inner and the outer are really blended together from this oneness.

In this dream I was dreaming that I was at my Mum’s house, and that a man was coming to fix my computer. It’s seven pm at night already, and he hasn’t yet turned up. I know that he is going on holidays soon, and that he is probably very busy because of this. When I then go outside to empty a saucepan of stale food and water, I now see that I am now outside of my own house, and I am now in another city altogether, and so I now empty the contents on the vacant block next door, before returning again to inside of my Mum’s house.

Why do our dreams join different places together like this, and blend scenes into other scenes all of the time?

This is an example of the combining of a viewing of oneness into the many. All is already combined, but all is only ever just appearing to be separated, by you thinking that you are separate. You are thinking that you are you in your own thoughts, and that it is your consciousness that reads and holds onto these thoughts.

The truth is that you cannot ever have any thoughts of your own. Thoughts all broadcast to you from the oneness of God. This must always be true, if there is really only this oneness that is solely existing. Nothing can ever come from outside of this oneness. All must come ultimately to us from this same source of God and his oneness.

Consciousness is a receiving substratum or over-field that is created from the movement of thoughts going into parts of the oneness that have been separated by God granting a sort of perceived freedom of thought separately in these created parts.

It appears that thoughts are being allowed to be created in them from themselves, but this is not really the case at all.

There is no freedom of thought.

When we think, it is really only the allowance of the level of our field of consciousness to absorb love separately, and this happens so that aspects of love can not just be separated out, but more seen now from the side of the thought that love has released to be experimented with and experienced as new within each created part of God.

We take God’s thought that is released from his love as our own thought. The thought itself is pure, and it is always only our consciousness level that ever distorts it in any way. Any such distortion is not really a real distortion, but it is more only than we are not yet seeing the full picture that it is possible for us to see, when our consciousness further expands and grows in us.

Thoughts are infinite, and when combined into the love that is releasing them, they create a field of consciousness separately centred that can pick up the thoughts, and so utilise them throughout the life of that particular unique individual that however remains forever part of the overall oneness.

It is our level of aware consciousness that is created from the strength of our loving that determines the inner and outer direction of ourselves, and also decides which thoughts we will own and follow, and even how well we can follow them from our ability to consciously love grown from our understanding of the workings of love.

Our journey takes place in love and for love, to enable us as a part of God to grow in the wisdom of living from love and so to pass this understanding and wisdom back then into the oneness of God. In this way God gets to know himself from us knowing ourselves. The oneness recognises itself within its own oneness.

In conclusion then, I hope I have given you here a new perspective to this question.

Are you inner or outer directed?

The only true answer must be that we are both. The inner is a part of the outer, and the outer a part of the inner. There is no real separation, except for which we ourselves have created for our own convenience. There is only oneness. Instead of thinking that we should be either inner or outer directed, let us just see this oneness of God in everything, and including within our own selves.

In this way we are a part of the oneness, and we can then see that all else are just labels that we have attached to illusionary conditions that we have created for our own growth, and to enable us unique insights into the understanding of our own part within this oneness. The only way that oneness can see itself is by creating these islands of life or illusionary separated parts of itself within itself.

The oneness then reflects on its own self by loving itself in infinite ways, and so the oneness then grows as itself, because the sum of its illusionary parts is now greater than what it was before.

This only proves that imagination is far greater than anything else, and that it is also the only way that oneness can also ever grow. Oneness is of course really forever changeless, but it can grow in this way in its own created imagination.

It was the great physicist Albert Einstein that agreed with me in placing this much importance on imagination. He said this amongst the many other things that he said about the force of our imagination.

”Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

Einstein also said that imagination is always more important than knowledge. Imagination can embrace all and everything, while our knowledge is still being gained. The only thing more important than imagination is love.

In this way, oneness also gives life to love. Love was largely lying dormant as an unconscious force within God, until he dreamed and imagined himself into the different parts of himself. God created his own inner world to give himself something to love outwardly. The only real inner that exists then is this inner world of God. This inner imagined world of God is also our inner world and our outer worlds combined.

As microcosmic copies or representational duplicated images of God, we operate in the same way. We too have imagined that we have inner and outer worlds, and these can serve us to finally realise ourselves as to who we really are within the vastness of our oneness within God.