What causes Shyness in Children

Shyness is a behavior that occurs with a lot of children. It is a normal that kids may be shy when they are still young. As they grow older, the language gets developed as well as the social skills. When they begin maturity at the beginning of teenage hood, they usually are able to interact with about everybody without having any serious fear. During that period, some individuals are more nervous or anxious then others and that determines if you really are a shy person.

But now, why are children shy? When you are young, you still have dependence and rely on parents and relatives. In this period of life, you start experiencing new things and see people and objects you have never encountered. This is the period where you explore your world and try to see how things work and get organized. Before exploring though, you feel apprehensive about the new people and things you see. For example, when a child sees a man he doesn’t know for the first time, he may go run beside his mother because he doesn’t know him. Once he gets to know him, see him a lot, his shyness for this man will decrease and he will later have full confidence in him. It’s a simple theory: when a child sees something or somebody he doesn’t know, he will be shy and nervous. Almost everybody goes through this period in their childhood. Its only once he knows a person well that he will be able to trust him.

When a child gets older, his world gets more familiar, he knows a lot of different people, he gets friends and becomes social. He gradually starts loosing his shyness and meeting others. After this time, he becomes a lot more independent and relies less on his parents. This happens because as he grows older, he understands concepts and things a lot better and he has learned a lot from his world. while growing, he learns about socializing and talking. He then loses all his shyness once he understands that concept.

During teenage hood, you realize who really is shy and who isn’t. You may have developed social skills and talking abilities, but you may still be shy and nervous about people you aren’t familiar with. Usually, the person that still is shy can still be social, as long as he gets to know the person he is unfamiliar with.

That is where shyness comes from. For people who are shy, it is not a bad thing. Everybody has their own instinct. Some can predict danger, anger while others can stay away from negative or mean people. The case with shy people is that their instinct tells them to be aware about what you do know and to be cautious when they are attempting to know it. And if shyness didn’t exist, if no different personalities existed, if we were all the same, how would the world be?