Water Conservation

Water conservation is vital to the continuance of all lifeforms. There are a number of things that you can do without in life however air and water are not among them. It is a fact that you can live without food for an extended time but without water you might as well be doing without air. Wasting water reduces the amounts available which is bad for everyone. There are some simple ways to conserve water that only take some thought and a moment of your time.

Fix Leaks

Leaky faucets and water hoses can be huge water wasters. Checking the faucets every so often will help to find, fix and prevent costly water leaks. That can waste a lot water and do more home than good in the long run; if you have a pipe that’s leaking it not only waste water but it can cost you money not only on the water bill but in structural damage to your home.

Showers Instead Of Baths

Taking a shower uses less water than taking a bath. Small children still prefer the bathtub although there is no reason to fill the bathtub to the top, a few inches of water in the bottom is enough for small children. Really small children can be placed in the tub together to save water, play and save you some time. Installing low flow shower heads will save you water as well. 

Brushing Your Teeth

When you brush your teeth do you leave the water running? By taking a small cup and keeping by the bathroom sink you can save some water. Fill the cup about half full and dip the toothbrush to get it damp. Once you’ve brushed your teeth you can use the cup to rinse your mouth out and rinse the toothpaste out of your toothbrush.


In order to conserve water watering the lawn is out. Even though your lawn may not look the way that you wish it would during the hot summer months one good rain will bring it back to a beautiful green, a few good rains and you’ll be complaining about having to cut it. Catching rain water in a sealed container will allow you water your flowers, plants and even a small garden without using additional water. 

Conserving water doesn’t have to be difficult you just have to pay attention to what you’re doing. When you take the time to examine your habits there’s a good chance that you’ll find several things that you do without realizing it. Once you realize the habits that you have it’ll be easy for you to stop wasting water and begin to conserve it.