Some Water Conservation Strategies

We all need to save water, especially during a drought, saving water also saves you money. Saving water can be very simple and very easy, remember always encourage your kids to save water, this is a good practice, because if they learn at a young age, when they grow up they will be in the habit of saving water.

One of the best things to do to save water is to put a brick in the tank of your toilet, this raises the water level and causes the tank to fill up using less water, saving water. If you do not have a brick or do not want to put one in your toilet, you could put something else that is heavy and doesn’t float when in water in the tank of your toilet.(like water bottles that are full of rocks, or anything else you can think of that wont harm your toilet.

Try and not wash the car as often in a drought or when trying to cut the costs of your bills. If you absolutely have to wash your car, don’t go to the car wash. Do you know where that water goes? Down the drain! If you wash your car at home be sure and wash it over grass, this way you get your car clean and water your grass at the same time. This will save water, because you will to have to water your lawn, even though i do not see any since in watering your lawn in the first place, because after all, aren’t lawns made to walk on?

Always remember to turn the water off when you are brushing your teeth, or doing the dishes, you may not think that extra thirty seconds matters but it does, a lot. Also do not do your dishes after every meal, they wont hurt to wait till the end of the day. It is best to not wash them till you have a whole bunch. It is the same when doing laundry, only wash when you have a full load. Also, be sure and fix the leaks in your sink or bathtub. All that water adds up to a lot, every drip adds up to a cup and a cup adds up to a bucket, and after a long time that bucket can even add up to a pond. SO FIX YOUR LEAKS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

There are many more ways to save water and money, if you still want to know more, got to Google and type on something like “ways to save water” or “water conservation technics”, you would be very surprised of all the tips and tricks to save water everyday, and most of them, like the ones in this article, are very simple and easy to do, they just require a very small adjustment.